WeView Verdict: Stacking

I’d practically been begged to pick Stacking as a WeView title for several months now. Clearly Peter has more heart than me, as he selected the title last week whilst I was busy getting snowed on in Bradford. Now, Peter may not have known a huge amount about Double Fine’s game, but I know almost nothing beyond the fact that it’s some sort of bizarre Russian doll simulator; I can only assume there are people out there who really like nesting fake humans.

Fortunately there were some of you in community land who were a little more familiar with the game; a good thing as that’s pretty much the entire point of WeView. We had some pretty mixed replies this week, ranging from upselo calling the game “Inventive, funny and charming…” and “…a delight to play”, to Youles saying it was “…very boring and slow…” causing them to give up after just 20 minutes.

[drop2]Lets flip back to the game’s positives for a moment, picking up on those who really enjoyed the game. One of those individuals was our very own cc_star, who’s been a staunch advocate for the game for quite some time now. He clearly absolutely adore the downloadable title, naming it “One of the best games of last year…”. More specifically he praised it for its “…great puzzling action…” and “…charming character…”. He was also in favour of its kid friendly nature, something that will surely make it popular amongst those of you who have tiny gamers of your own.

MadBoJangles was also more than happy to praise the title, calling it “Charming, cutesy, funny and some very clever solutions to some of the puzzles!” Teflon was a little shorter in his praise, simply saying that it’s an “Utterly charming game. An absolute must buy.”

On the other side of the coin there were many of you who didn’t seem quite as in love with the title. Not everyone hated it, but many couldn’t quite see what all the fuss was about. For example Nylon_Angel said they “…felt the cut scenes were too long and it bored me very quickly.” The cut-scene complaint actually popped up in couple of your opinions, so it does sound like it’s a bit of an issue.

It seems that Origami Killer was another of you who wasn’t all that in love with the title. Whilst they did praise the “…wonderful concept and art style,” they did say that they “…became bored quickly with it and didn’t reach the end of the game…” The boredom factor also seems to be a fairly common issue that was brought up about the game.

Now, as is my custom I’ve picked up one final comment to sum things up this week. Whilst this doesn’t quite capture the broadness of opinions, I simply had to pick Nate’s comment. It’s just too good not to.

Stacking is like the game equivalent of Colin Firth. A little slow, but ultimately very charming.

See, it had to be done.

Now onto the community verdict. A very respectable twenty of you took part this week, and we had the full spectrum of opinions. Coming in with just one supporter was Rent It, whilst four of you plumped for Avoid It. Bargain Bin It managed to pick up five of your votes this week but the winner with ten votes is Buy It. So there you go, perhaps not for everyone but worth a buy it seems.



  1. whoop whoop

  2. Might as well add another Buy It.
    I kinda forgot to vote this week, sorry.

  3. Just goes to show how you can’t please all of the people all of the time – I got this when it was free and I still feel ripped off!

    • Haha! I have to agree! Although I didn’t pay a penny for the game it stole a portion of my hard drive :-P

  4. Thanks for the mention. I should probably go back and try and finish it now.

  5. this game was the nuts.
    one of the very few games i have 100% finished that was until they bought out the addons..
    sure it was odd but charming is definately the way to sum this up!

  6. Perhaps I should have given Stacking some more time, but when nothing clicks for you in the first 20-30 minutes it’s pretty hard to carry on sometimes, especially when you didn’t go out and buy it, it was free.

  7. Good to hear it got a pretty good overall verdict! :)

  8. I spend one week away from gaming after months of hassling for this to be WeView’d, and it gets done, and I get no input!?
    What justice is this! ;'(

  9. Rent it? How exactly?!

    • Think their is a demo, is that classed as renting it lol

  10. Ha, thanks for the quote. I’d forgotten I’d written that! Poor old Colin Can’t-Speak.

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