Escape Plan Free DLC Out Now

Monochromatic Vita puzzler Escape Plan has tonight been patched to version 1.01, bringing a stack of fixes and a smattering of new levels.

The 600 MB patch introduces Bakuki’s Lair, a decent sized slice of DLC that’s – impressively – free of charge.


There’s also a whole host of tweaks and tidy ups, including more responsive taps and swipes and a rethink of the star rating system, which is now purely based on time.

Get it now.



  1. Excellent news.
    Haven’t got round to really playing Escape Plan yet, but the little I have has really impressed me.
    Hope to see more of it’s ilk (preferably with button and stick control options also).

  2. Nifty :D

    I found the stars before a bit off putting, so I’ll give this a good go tomorrow. One of the games I’ve bought and neglected somewhat…

  3. Been playing it tonight. The fact that gestures now don’t affect the star rating is a game changer for me. Don’t know how many times I got screwed over because I brushed the back pad.

  4. The annoying thing about Escape Plan and the vita is, in order to use your fingers on the front panel, you have to try and support the Vita without activating a “swipe” on the rear touch.

    • And now that problem is solved, as swipes don’t count towards your star rating.

  5. Its downloading now. Does it support new trophies?

    • Nope, no new trophies as far as I could see.

  6. 600mb, jeez!

  7. Typical, I did my 3-star playthrough when the game was harder!! :/

    • Yeah I’m disappointed with the star rating change. I’ve spent ages reducing the numbers of gestures. It’s quite a rewarding challenge figuring it out. Now I guess it’s effectively button bashing to go as fast as you can. Takes something away from the puzzle.

      • I totally agree – the improved touch-screen responsiveness should be enough to assist anyone that has struggled! Devalues my hard efforts really, oh well.

      • Yup,same :(

      • Maybe start asking for an “elite mode” that has the old star ratings. You could get to earn them all over again?

  8. Great. Will pick this up for my flight to the USA.

  9. Sounds good, depending on the store update today i’ll probably pick this up finally.

  10. Glad the state system has improved, the back touch screen is so sensitive you get too many touches sometimes. Good news on free DLC too.

    • State???? Should say star obviously!!!

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