Pinball Arcade Late in Europe

A few days ago, we reported the imminent launch of Pinball Arcade on the PSN. It’s a pinball game from well respected virtual pinball developers FarSight and it launches on the 10th of April. Well, in the US, at least.

In response to a query in the comments of the original US announcement, one of the developers has revealed that EU versions will be “about a month after the North American launch.” We should have known to expect something like this, it’s not uncommon practice from SCEE to be late to the party (or just skip the party completely).


The game looks good, and features PS3 and PS Vita versions for one price as well as crossplay and a healthy haul of trophies. Still, it’s a bit annoying that Europe still has to wait for releases that the US is getting. Especially so in the UK where “localisation” probably only consists of changing the age rating logo on the front and hitting “upload”.

Source: US PS Blog



  1. And correcting the American’s poor use of English.

  2. aww I thought it would be releasing this week in Europe :(.

  3. That’s a shame. I wonder if it will hold it’s own against the coming Zen Pinball 2, which also has crossplay with the Vita and, I belive, comes as a free update for current Zen Pinball owners.

  4. We did get Motorstorm RC before America but then again, they did get it for free when it was released. I suppose we will have to wait………again

    • Well they only got it free on Vita, I think.

  5. you know the funny thing about auditorium as well.
    there’s hardly even any text in the game that needs translating.

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