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For some strange reason it seems the Resistance games have missed out on some WeView love, and it’s time to set that straight. This week Resistance 3 is stepping up to the plate to be analysed by you, our community. Before we get to that though it’s time to take a look at what we here at TheSixthAxis thought of the game when it released back in September.

This time around it was Alex on review duties for the game, who seemed to generally enjoy it. In particular he highlighted the game’s weapon design and the plot. There were some negatives, including secondary characters that weren’t properly fleshed out, but they can’t have been all that bad as the game scored well at 8/10. If you’d prefer a bit more information, here’s a longer extract of what he thought:

Resistance 3 isn’t revolutionary, but it’s better than Resistance 2 and, even though it’s a much more singular, human tale, it feels enough like the first Resistance that hopefully fans that didn’t like the second outing will give Insomniac another chance.  Capelli’s road trip hardly ever goes to plan, but invest in the character and his motives and you’ll find that every chance you get to pull the trigger on some Chimeran skulls you’ll be cracking a smile.  Move, Sharpshooter and 3D support round off one of the most comprehensive packages since Killzone 3 – and we’ve no hesistation in saying that this is a safe buy for fans.

Anyway enough of what we thought of it, as previously mentioned this is your turn to cast your eye over the game. Did you fall in love with Resistance all over again with the completion of the trilogy, or did it leave you with a nasty taste in your mouth? Did you feel that Move and 3D support really added something to the game, or could you not care less? Maybe you just couldn’t really invest yourself in Capelli’s road trip, or perhaps you felt it worked well.

Whatever your feelings on the game are you can share them simply by dropping a comment below. Whether you loved or hated the game (or anything in between) we really do want to hear from you. Once you’ve managed to construct your thoughts on the title into a comment, you just need to attach your rating of the game to it.

That rating shouldn’t be on any old numeric scale, instead for WeView we’re rather taken with the Buy It, Bargain Bin It, Rent It or Avoid It scale. Simply select which of those categories best describes your feelings on the game and add it to your comment.

Remember, you’ve got until Sunday afternoon to get this done. After that I’ll have started writing the article and won’t be able to select your comment, no matter how wonderful it is.


  1. Great shooter especially when played with a buddy. Varied firearms encourages experimentation and even the storyline is decent (which is almost unheard of from an FPS). The original remains my favourite in the series but this one easily made up for the car-crash that was R2. BUY

  2. On par with the first Resistance. Looks great, the weapons are fantastic and the story is quite engaging. Lovely in coop too. However, the game gave me motion sickness and still does if I ever play it, so suited for short bursts.
    MP isn’t bad either. You will have needed to have played the last two in order to get the full experience from single player.
    Stuck between BUY IT (if you want MP) & RENT IT (if its just the story you want).

  3. YES! My choice won!
    That is all.

    Oh alright, then.

    I thought it was pretty good, really. They took us on a very different journey to the first two games, wrapping up the plot line fairly nicely.
    They also mixed it up with the game dynamics once again so that for the first time in a long, long while, there’s no recharging health, and you’re instead relying on health packs, which can often make for some very tough encounters.

    All good, and with some interesting locations and areas to travel through. It almost has that kind of The Walking Dead/Zombie genre vibe to it. With some small huddles of humanity sticking it out, trying to go unnoticed. Some are good, some are really evil.

    It did have several shortcomings, though. I never really felt that big a pull to come back to it each day, so it took me a long while to finish the SP. The graphics engine really struggled too. I think it was running at less than 720p, and it really showed at times. The lighting was quite nice, but the world was very drab and brown a lot of the time.

    Taking it to MP, I can tell that it’s going to be an utter pain to come into as a noob these days. There’s some hugely overpowered weapons in there, which you only unlock much later. Some good maps, and some decent game modes, though.

    Overall, a Rent/Borrow or Bargain Bin, I think. Decent, but only for fans.

    • It’s double XP in MP until further notice at the moment teflon, you should be able to get to level 10 in a couple of hours and unlock abilities like Spotter which rake in XP once you have them. If you find a weapon you like out of the early selection upgrade it to its maximum as soon as possible – I use the Bullseye all the time which is unlocked right at the beginning, and I’m now level 50 on my third Remnant (prestige). And I’m not very good at FPS’s.

      • It’s cool, I’m plenty far into the MP that I can jump in, use my bullseye and stock setup and bring the pain. For newbies it’d be horrible for a few hours before they can unlock stuff because all these super weapons are crazily unbalanced.

  4. Buy it enough said.

  5. It’s a shame this has been largely ignored, as it’s a great game. Much better than Resistance 2 in both SP and MP, which might have put a fair few off trying 3, and the SP is, in my opinion better than Fall of Mans also. There’s a good mix of environments too, it isn’t all browns as in previous instalments. Story co-op ranks up the difficulty as well, the prison section is almost impossible on Superhuman. The 3D is done well, and is the first game that hasn’t given me eye-strain when playing it. MP is also great, but does require some patience especially at the start, but once you get a load out thats suits your style of play it’s fantastic.

    There are some negatives though. The lack of R2’s style of co-op is a real missed opportunity, as there’s not many (or any) games that have managed to replicate the amount of teamwork required to defeat each level, especially in Superhuman. The stripped down clan functions of the first 2 games is also a glaring omission, aping the early CoD games with just a tag whilst the likes of MW3 go down a route that Resistance games used to use. And finally, the lack of Public Custom games is just bizarre, again, once a staple of the Resistance series, you now only have the option of a private game with friends, tweaked to use some of the more exotic weapons (eg. just the Sledgehammer which is like watching a murderous Benny Hill chasing the Hills Angels and the most laughs I’ve had in an FPS ever) or Ranked. But these are all omissions from the set up of previous entries in the series, the MP itself is solid and fun.

    It’s a cracking shooter, that I wish more people would try. BUY

  6. Well well well. Where to start. Huge fan of the first Resistance, such a great game to kick off the PS3’s launch and put Insomniac in place as one of the top devs around (for me personally). The second resistance however was a huge disappointment bar a few great set pieces.

    So with the third one on the way I was hoping that they might go back to their roots or at least improve on the second. Well they definitely changed it, but not all for the better. Firstly, the graphics were some of the worst I have seen on the console personally. They did themselves no favours by having only about 4 colours in the game while sticking to mostly brown and grey. If I walked up to a table or something the texture would be all blurry and amateur and that sort of thing really didn’t help things for me. Everything just looked really bad.

    Next, the gameplay. Playing the game felt like a complete chore to me. To this day I still haven’t completed it (I’m on the final level) and I have no urge to return to it other than that feeling of having completed it. I was extremely bored while playing it and felt like the story meant almost nothing, it was all a bit too focussed on one guy rather than a big epic plot (although I quite liked the sub plot of the feral chimera).

    The game a had a few redeeming features such as some of the most fun and inventive weapons and they did melee combat very very well, the sledgehammer felt great. I briefly ventured into MP and enjoyed that side of it although it was very overpowered towards the higher levels so it would require a bit of an investment in time.

    Unfortunately though, that wasnt enough to change my mind. This game (and the disappointment of the second) has firmly kicked Insomniac off my “top devs” list. So far in fact that I cant help but think of them as poor developers (I’m not a fan of their other games) and I will probably be steering clear of their games in the future.

    It’s an avoid it from me.

    • You’re just miserable and want your games to piss unicorns and rainbows at every turn. :-P

  7. I really enjoyed it. It was a return to form and also removed the truly soulless (and characterless) Hale. Thank god!

    The palette choice was lovely and helped deliver that air of “we’re on our last legs here”. I also thought some of the scenery was fantastic. Insomniac has consistently delivered wonderful environments (especially in the streets) throughout the franchise.

    I’m guessing the price, right now, is a wonderful bargain but it was always a Buy It from me anyway.

    Oh, the arsenal of weapons at your disposal created such huge replay-ability that I miss it every time I play other FPS’.

  8. Single PLayer was great, MP was poor. No where near R1 IMO.

  9. I thought climbing ladders looked funny. As in 1980’s funny. At the same time I realised that this ladder climbing was the decisive drop that determined my opinion on R3.
    It was:
    – ugly
    – boring
    – boring

    it had:
    – lame bosses
    – lame story
    – lame acting
    – awesome weapons, as always (must be said)

    On the whole a huge dissapointment, allthough I was’nt expecting a lot after part 2, which I found a lot more entertaining in the end.

    Rent it, would be good enough for this. Sorry Insomniac, gotta try harder next time.

    Oh, and by the way, note to all developers: could you actually build a stealth level that works once in a while?
    (talk to the people from Deus-Ex, they apparently know what they’re doing).

    • not half as dissapointing as Syndicate, but we’ll cross that bridge later :)

  10. This game is in my pile of shame. Picked it up in a 2 for £20 deal at gamestation. Will keep my eyes peeled on the result of this to see what priority it will take on my next rainy day play. So I will be opting for WeView secret option number 5 – Bought it, Need to Play it.

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