Wrath Of Heroes Goes Into Open Beta, Adds Ogres

After months of testing, BioWare Mythic’s fantastic MOBA, Wrath of Heroes, has finally gone into open beta. Anyone can head over to the official webpage and register an account (or use an existing EA/Origin ID) before downloading the fairly small game client.

As mentioned in last night’s in-depth preview “Wrath of Heroes takes the core PvP (player versus player) gameplay from the MMORPG genre, isolates it, and develops it into something more akin to you modern online shooter.” Whether your a Warhammer fan, or just a greenhorn looking to cut your teeth in the realm of PvP combat, WoH was made for you.


Mythic has also gone ahead and released its ninth playable hero, Drulg Kineater. Described as a juggernaut, Drulg is the first fighter to be drafted in from the Ogre Kingdoms, surprising really as he wasn’t one of the 10 or so beta heroes who we had expected to see first. Hopefully this means we will also be seeing characters from the more obscure Warhammer races such as the Beastmen, Bretonnians, and Lizardmen.

Drulg has a formidable concoction of abilities and is clearly built for melee combat. Capable or sprinting into crowds and dealing massive damage to single targets, the Ogre can also punish prone enemies with his Tenderizer attack and even silence magic-users within a certain range. Most impressive is Drulg’s passive ability, allowing him to regain half of his hit point after each kill.

Source: Press Release