Bethesda Will Re-Release Quake IV

Quake IV was an Xbox 360 launch game, so plenty of people might have missed it. At least, that’s the logic Bethesda is using to justify this cut-price re-release. The hopeful cynic in me wants to think it’s all the beginnings of the next marketing push for Bethesda’s next FPS, which might just be Doom 4 if rumours are to be believed.

Alternatively, it might be something to drum up support for the Dishonored release, currently slated for Q2 2012 – that would mean before the end of June so it could fit in nicely.


The game will be re-released on the 19th June in North America for the pittance of just $19.99. No specific date or price is given for Europe or the UK but we’d expect it at the same time for roughly the same figure, regardless of exchange rate – £19.99.

Source: Bethblog



  1. Yay.

  2. Oooo yay. Despite the average review scores I actually quite enjoyed it. Cheeves were a pain in the arse though, so much grinding :|

  3. is it on ps3 just wondering

  4. Yay… except the most valuable thing in Quake IV was Quake II, one _actual_ game.

    • I liked Quake IV but have II in there as well was a nice bonus

    • well said, i was a dedicated clan warrior back in the day, so many happy memories that i bought Q2 in the xmas sales on steam just to have the pleasure of strafe jumping round The Edge again.

  5. I think I’ve still got Quake 4 for PC somewhere…

  6. quake 4 was shit the end nuff said
    now quake 3 that would be a better prospect

  7. Ermm…. not what I’m looking for but nice going I guess *cough Morrrowwind HD then?

    • I don’t think Beth will do a HD Morrowind due to the size of it plus, it could result in a very very buggy Morrowind. ;) Would love to see a TES trilogy pack though or entire collection pack. :)

  8. *Bugthesda

  9. Quake n dreamcast if I remember correctly was brilliant…

  10. Was this before they became Bugthesade or afterwards? Just wondering.

    It has aliens in it doesn’t it? if so, crud, as i can’t get it.

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