Crysis 3 Is Coming

Hardly a surprise, this. Crytek has been expected to announce a third game in the Crysis series since just after the second one was released. It looks like that announcement is now imminent though.

GameReactor magazine covers in Sweden are sporting a fancy, nanosuit style hex pattern. This has led some sleuths on NeoGAF to predict a Crysis 3 announcement very soon. If that was all, we’d likely agree and move on, wait for the official word. But EA’s Origin store has also had a little slip.


If you searched for “Crysis 3 Pre-order” then the results returned a link to the Origin store where they were advertising the pre-order of the unannounced sequel.

That entry on Origin seems to have been taken down now but it’s presence on EA’s digital distribution platform, coupled with the Swedish magazine cover, seems to offer compelling evidence of a reveal within the next week or so.

Source: NeoGAF and Google (since removed)



  1. Just saw the cover for the game on another site and the dude one the front is holding a bow and arrow thing.

  2. I quite liked Crysis 2 though it was marred by some poor design choices. Having power kicks and throws use energy at all, as well as having sprinting draw on the same energy bar as your armour/cloak was just stupid and crippled your offensive options so severely that it led to the cloak and sneak tactic a lot of others have mentioned.

    It ended up less super soldier and more super coward.

  3. As good as Crysis 2 looked, it lacked soul. The AI was appalling and the power bar system was just annoying. Being invisible was kinda cool though.

  4. Loved Crysis 2.
    Not so keen on Crysis 1, which seems to go against the general consensus of opinion.

    I’m all for Crysis 3 though :)

  5. I found the first two incredibly boring. Should I revisit?

    • If you ever get a 3d TV, Crysis 2 is a very good demonstration of 3d done well (along with KZ3 and unlike UC3), plays better second time through as you keep all your unlocked abilities and attachments, but do it on normal just so you can feel vaguely more solid than your enemies and not just cloak all the time. Might have a laugh then mate :)

  6. I loved Crysis 2 especially the multiplayer, was the best multiplayer experience i’ve had since Resistance 2. Will be waiting for this with open arms.

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