Dragon Ball Z Kinect Announced for 2012

I’m fairly sure that, at one point or another, all Dragon Ball Z fans have pretended to launch a Kamehameha attack. Well I have some good news, as a new Dragon Ball Z game is coming out this year featuring Kinect support.

Information is still trickling out of the Namco event, but apparently the game will have 50 characters, plus an exclusive 30 minute anime. The game will also use QR codes to allow you to unlock new characters.


Surely though the most important fact is you’ll be able to finally do a Kamehameha via Kinect. Unless they turn the whole thing into a dancing game.

Source: The VideoGameWriters



  1. Me and my flat mates need an xbox now!

  2. This is going to bd terrible! Just bring out Budikai 4!

    • You left out “Tenkaichi between Budokai and 4. ^^ Nah they should make a new 2D fighting games, one on 3DS looks quite good.

      • Actually they should bring out both. Ultimate Tenkaichi and the Raging Blast series are shite.


    • YES! :op

      • My life now has a hole in it knowing that I will never be able to genuinely get away with that. Oh woe me :(

    • FuuuuuSSiiiioooooonnn… HAAaaaaaa!!

  4. well at least kinect should be able to track you doing the kamehameha properly, Goku always takes about five minutes to get the move out. ^_^
    but then the average fight in z takes about three months.

    which came first anyway? the kamehameha, or the hadoken?

  5. This means DBZ fans can sing and dance along to Hironbou Kageyama, other than that the games are dead, Ultimate Tenkachi was its death. Rip.

  6. Jesus, why won’t they just release Budokai 4 with Burst Limit’s graphics, Budokai 3’s gameplay ansd Tenkaichi’s character roster?! Tenkaichi games are woeful, 2D fighting is far better than standing from opposite ends of the map and firing Special Beam Cannons and Spirit Bombs which you can avoid by lowering your player 3 feet. Fs Bandai, you know it makes sense!

  7. I would buy Kinect for this!
    I’ve been sat thinking about all the moves in my head and the ‘me’ ten years ago would be doing backflips with excitement! Like everyone else has said, Kamehameha, Fusion Technique, Tri-Beam, Final Flash, Solar Flare….. The list just goes on and on. Wouldn’t fancy sitting about waiting on a Spirit Bomb though ; )

    Also, I’m glad there isn’t a Naruto Game like this, could you image trying to do thoses hand signs!?

    • Maaaaasenkoooooo…hyyyaaaaaaa!

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