Hey Guys, StarDrone Extreme Is Here (PS Vita)

My Uncle Peter (not my real Uncle) used to say “shufty”. As in, “I’ve just had a shufty on StarDrone Extreme” or “give us a shufty at that new PSP, Al”. Shufty’s not a real word, which makes spellchecking it a bit tricky, but it’s a word he used and it’s quite a nice one. There are other words, of course, to indicate what I’ve been doing for the past hour, but I like shufty, and it’s staying.

But – hey – high five to the folks at BeatShapers, guys – they’ve brought out a new PS Vita game. Yep – it’s possible, see, to release a game for the system; this one’s out today as part of the PSN Update and it’s only a handful of megabytes, so you can be up and playing nice and quick, even if the game itself looks likely to last you at least a few Journeys.

That’s the new measurement of time, by the way, like Sackboy T-shirts used to be the official measurement of cost.

So what it is?  Well, Peter reviewed the original title about twelve months ago and quite liked it, so have a read there first.  I’d say it’s a mixture of ballet and space pinball, but without the ballet – it’s an oddity, for sure, but it’s actually quite addictive and this new Vita version, with it’s fancy cross-platform saving and leaderboards, is every bit as good as the Move-enabled PS3 version.

It’s a little bit hard to explain in that it’s all about making a little ship spin around on space string, collecting little stars and avoiding spikes like it’s a leftover from the Amiga days but with just the touch screen for controls.  You tap and hold to make the ship attach itself to things, and with momentum and direction you can effectively aim and plan your next moves.

Look, just watch the video, it’ll all make sense.

The Vita version looks great – it’s at least nice and sharp – and doesn’t lose anything from not having motion control.  There’s loads of levels, load times are quick and I actually quite like the concept.  The initial setting for the game’s speed would bore a dead turtle, mind, so ramp that up to at least half way before you start and it’ll feel like a game rather than a top down view of an old folks home excursion to the park.

StarDrone Extreme – well worth a quick shufty.



  1. Looks like the Vita’s games line-up is picking up steam again.

    I’ll leave this one until later though- I bought Tales From Space today, and still have a few to play through, like Wipeout, Virtua Tennis, SSHD, Escape Plan and trophy hunting on others.

    Plan to get Lego Harry Potter soon too.

  2. Reminds me of a PS2 game but cannot think of it’s name.
    Although it looks impressive I’ll think I’ll give this a miss for now.

  3. I really enjoyed the PS3 version … except for the final level as it was outrageously difficult. Will probably pick this up, however it needs to be priced reasonably … any idea how much it’s going to be?

    • €3.99 :D.

    • Ditto with the final level: I gave up at that point at 127 attempts. Was just ridiculous.

  4. looks impressive

  5. your Uncle Peter “just to say” shufty ?

    shouldn’t that be “used to say”

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