If You Don’t Hate Games You’ll Want Star Command

iPhone and Android games. Angry Birds, short lived nuggets, terrible gameplay, touchscreen controls, disposable, dull, right?

Except, well, just watch.



Star Command, as this blissful slice of gaming is known, will be released in the Summer across iOS and Android. You will want it right in your face.



  1. I was not expecting that ending.

  2. Looks great. Ending made me laugh. :D

  3. Looks awesome, perhaps could be likened to a Kairosoft game. Will definitely be getting this day one…oh, and the ending…

  4. Looks cool. Action Sims in space.

  5. MY EYES! *goes to the mind bleach cupboard only to find out that there are no bottles left*

    If i had an android phone i would actually get this as i’m a geek and these types of games are right up my alley. :)(despise touchscreen tech).

  6. New favourite advert. Ever.

    ~ Quirky Original Fallout-esque Gameplay? *check*
    ~ Guns? *check*
    ~ Space? *check*
    ~ Awesome graphics? *check*
    ~ Humour? *check*
    ~ Dude playing games while he has a jobby? *check*

    This is really pushing all my buttons, I mean imagine giving orders to your number one while you’re taking a No.2?

    • That last part… All kinds of wrong :D

    • +1

    • That last bit made me forget the rest of your post thanks to the horrible mental image burned into my brain. aaaarrrrgggghhhhh!!!!

  7. Kinda reminded me of the old school XCOM a bit. Defo be checking it out

    • I thought the same and i’m looking forward to the new XCOM games but i’ll probably try this too.

  8. It’s probably just because I’m old (and cranky) and grew up with these ‘retro’ games that I don’t find them appealing any more. Nostalgia is one thing, but I spent my childhood dreaming of what games would be like in 30 years – we’re here now so why would I want to go back and play shitty 16 colour pixelated isometric stuff?

    I’m sure the gameplay is enjoyable, but why can’t it have fancy 2012 graphics to go with it? Guess I’m not hipster enough to get it.

    • It’s simple. 3D costs a lot of money and requires a lot of man power to produce and not look like complete garbage. There are LOADS of games on iOS which just look like pap because they’ve gone for crummy 3D rather than inventive 2D.

      I will, however, agree with you that pixelated, isometric 2D retro-looking stuff is absolutely everywhere, and I can see why that would grate. Just look a little beyond that, though, and see what is in the heart of that game trailer, and the scope of this game looks to be pretty great.

  9. That looks utterly outstanding.

  10. Can’t wait

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