Japan Getting $1300 Resident Evil 6 “Premium Edition”

I’ve never been one for special editions of games. Sure, there are some right corkers out there (the PC version of The Witcher 2 springs to mind), but more often than not you’ll get an art book and a soundtrack in exchange for up to 100 of your hard earned pounds.

The Resident Evil 6 Premium Edition coming to Japan is a bit different. Those who buy it will get a copy of the game, four RE6 branded phone covers (although there are conflicting reports saying they are tablet covers) and a full size, wearable replica of Leon’s leather jacket, which will come in a range of sizes.


The price for this slice of awesome is 105,000 Yen, which comes in at a jaw dropping $1300. As it’s Capcom I’m assuming the jacket will come without sleeves, and they will be available later on in a “super ultra” Premium Edition.

Source: Capcom via 4Gamers



  1. If I bag the lotto I’ll indulge….

  2. Dam. And I remember number 5 having a plastic sheet and a metal case as the special edition!

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