Warriors Orochi 3 DLC On The Way

European community manager for Tecmo KOEI, Chin Soon Sun, today revealed a number of Warriors Orochi 3 content drops that will be made available via XBL and PSN throughout the month. The first pack, which is already available, features four unique weapons, one for each of the game’s featured characters including Ma Chao, Hanbei Takenaka, Shuten Doji, and Kaguya. Fans can expect to pay £1.59/160MSP, the weapons immediately available via the in-game “Preparations” menu.

Looking onward, next week sees the release of four new stages, as well a background music pack and 31 skins for Samurai characters. The latter will be half the price of other DLC packs at only £0.79/80MSP, and is exclusive to PlayStation 3 owners.


Since launch, Warriors Orochi 3 has done incredibly well, bagging a Metacritic average of 76/7.6, a series record. Be see to keep an eye out for our review which is due to go live in the coming days.

Source: Insp. Chin’s Blog