Mercenaries Mode Making A Return In Resi 6

Ace bonus mode ‘The Mercenaries’ will be making its return in Resident Evil 6, details of DLC released by Capcom have revealed.

Three additional maps will be made available as pre-order DLC: Rail Yard, Catacombs and High Seas Fortress. The catch, however, is that which map you get depends on where you pre-order.


Rail Yard is a multi-levelled stage featuring subway cars and will be available from Best Buy. Catacombs is a labyrinth filled with traps and pitfalls and can be acquired with a Gamestop pre-order and the High Seas Fortress, set on an aircraft carrier, can be gotten from Amazon. There’s no word on whether European retailers will be offering similar offers yet, however.

Time to get busting zombie heads to a strict time limit again, y’all!

Source: Siliconera



  1. Shaping up to be special.

  2. limited edition or super edition if i have the economy! =D
    a must have!

    • Sounds like you are as excited about this game as I am, lol! :)
      Have you checked out the latest videos on There are a couple of videos on there giving a lot of extra details, especially Leon’s campaign

      • none spoiler ones i hope! =D
        trailers that will spice up the excitement even more? feels like it will be hard to get more excited than i am now!

  3. Okey I will buy the game pre-owned then. I won’t support this shit.

    • A lot of games do this.

    • If you get it new you’re getting free DLC, I don’t see what the problem is?

      • You get 1 map free. The others (+ more stuff) will likely be on the disc & will require payment to be unlocked.

  4. And i’ll bet half of the mode will be locked to the disc unless we pay to unlock it. Sorry, i’m a bit of a cycincal person when Capcom is involved.

    I hope it has online and local co-op this time around as it can become pretty repitive if it’s only SP. And i’m surprised that i want co-op seeing as i’m a massive SP whore err i mean gamer.

  5. I believe this is what I was playing at the Gadget show live at the NEC wednesday? Was on a turtle beach stand, but it was deffo resident evil mercs and I dont recall seeing it before

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