Oddworld “Hand Of Odd” Teaser Site Pops Up

Look, a Hand Of Odd teaser site.


This came through last night with a big “hey, this is secret” attached but people are talking about it, so there you go – it’s now public.

Hand Of Odd is rumoured to be a real time strategy, free to play, and played online with additional things to buy if you like buying additional things.

We’ve been reliably informed to “expect surprises”.

We always do.



  1. I want Abe back!

  2. Yes. This, please. I love Oddworld. Let’s hope they don’t “modern it up”, just keep it true to the classics.

  3. Since everyone, myself included, always shout “Bring Abe back” at rumours of a new Oddworld game, it surprises me that they never do.

    • According to their Q&A they are working on an Abe HD game that brings the franchise back to the roots and it could either be a simple HD remake or a whole new story.

  4. ABE! I never played a game since him. Which could be why I only like Abe as a character.

  5. Ummm we’ve already announced an Abe game… So whe you say we don’t listen. YOU obviously haven’t listened close enough to us :)

  6. I haven’t played Oddworld since the PS1 days in 1998, oh Abe’s Oddysee, how I miss my childhood :'(

  7. I freaked when I saw the headline. Been waiting for information about this ever since I read about it in Oddworld Inhabitant’s Q&A.
    Reading the words “real time strategy” and “free to play” about the next big Oddworld game in one sentence crushed my heart though…
    I don’t get game studios these days. It’s so easy for them to read a few comments and get a feel for what their fans are asking for. People want a new Oddworld game that is compoarable to what Ubisoft did with Rayman Origins. Go back to the roots but polish it up. No wonder studios are closing on a weekly basis. They just can’t read…
    Hell, we all know what happened to the Red Faction franchise after Volition decided to abandon the open world / destroy all buildings approach when they did a sequel. Even RFG itself was a gamble because it was so different from what the fans knew and loved from the original FPS games.

    • Rant over…

      Anyways, I’ll definitely give this a try and given their track record I’ll probably love it… *starts sobbing and runs away*

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