Play The Witcher 2 on Facebook

Would you like to play The Witcher 2 in a browser window on just about any internet-connected computer? How about Saints Row The Third, Sniper Ghost Warrior, Orcs Must Die or Dead Rising 2 Off the Record? What about Farming Simulator?

Well, thanks to Dave Perry’s Gaikai (remember his bandanas on Gamesmaster?) and Mark Zuckerberg’s Harvard prank that is Facebook, you can. Almost. Right now, it just appears to be demos but we’re told that soon enough, you’ll be able to play full on console quality (or better!) games in between poking old schoolmates and work colleagues that really don’t want to talk to you but accepted your friend request to see how fat you’d become in the 14 years since you last spoke with them. I mean, on Facebook.


Fancy slapping someone with a huge purple dildo on your work PC? Saints Row The Third on Gaikai has you covered, just make sure you minimize it back to those spreadsheets when your boss is walking around.

Here’s the link to app, if any of you Facebookers wants to get in on the action. While you’re there, you should probably throw a “like” at TSA’s page.



  1. I have this game on PC but only got to chapter 3. I really need to return to it soon.

    • There are only 3 chapters. :D

      • Oh, sorry, not chapter 3 then! Mission 3? I dont know, just the third location! Very early in :).

      • Ah, ok. I took a long break about halfway through the game and when I returned to it I had to relearn 90% of the controls… It was worth it in the end, though.

  2. Was never impressed with Onlive; low resolution and slow response to controls…haven’t used ‘Gaikai’ and don’t plan to, but I guess it’s good for those with a fast broadband connection…which is almost no one…I think.

    • OnLive works brilliantly for me (originally on a 30MBPS connection and now on a 100MBPS connection), no noticeable lag on controls and resolution is good enough, although not perfect. I’ve been a subscriber since September.
      Gaikai doesn’t really appeal to me but I don’t really know why not. I guess they’re not getting the marketing right (for me).

  3. Went to try it, but spotted “to use Gaikai you will be upgraded to Facebook Timeline”.

    Ha, not a bloody chance in hell.

    • Out of curiosity…what’s wrong with Timeline, exactly?

      • Its crap.

      • Isn’t it mandatory at some point in the future?
        I wouldn’t know since I don’t use Facebook but if that is the case then you might as well get it over with now. :P

      • ‘It’s crap’ is not an answer to my question.

  4. uh, wrong Dave Perry, i think.

    the guy behind Galkai was Dave Perry from Shiny entertainment.
    he made Earthworm Jim.

    the guy with the bandannas was a reviewer for C&VG or Mean Machines or one of those magazines.

    aside from my moral objections to the buying games that only ever exist in the cloud, there’s also the fact that it’s just wasn’t responsive enough in my opinion.

    for third person games it seems fine, i tried demos of tomb raider, saints row the third and arkham city, and they were fine.

    but on the fps games i’ve tried, it just wasn’t responsive enough.
    you’re always a fraction of a second behind the action, you keep pushing the right stick to aim at something but with the game being that fraction of a second behind, once you reach the point you want to aim at and stop pushing the stick, in the time it takes for the signals to go from your pc to their servers and the video to come back, you’ve overshot your target.

    it’s not a gamebreaker, but it did spoil the game for me somewhat.

    but for third person games where you don’t need such split second precision, it seemed fine.
    and i could see it being perfect for mmos.

    so for various reasons, i cannot see me ever buying into a cloud gaming service, a flat rate as many games as you like type deal, maybe, but when i buy something, i like to own it.

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