A New MotorStorm RC Event Begins Every Single Second

A new MotorStorm RC event begins every single second, Sony said this morning in a press release showing off just how popular the super-cheap but feature-packed racer has become.

Want to know the details?

  • A new MotorStorm: RC event begins somewhere in the world every single second
  • 19 downloads of MotorStorm: RC every minute
  • At least two new PSN friendships are ignited and two new challenges are sent every minute
  • Every 60 seconds, eight PlayStation Trophies are awarded to MotorStorm RC players on their way to earning the prestigious “Lunatics Unite” Platinum Trophy

The figures, naturally, only cover online play – the numbers would be even more impressive if they could somehow magically count offline games too. But they can’t.

The press release also states that the Carnival pack is coming to PSN this week.  Presume there’s a bit of a mix-up there.



  1. Not played it since the TSA comp but it is a class game. Really should get back into it.

  2. Brilliant game,brilliant pricing = winning

    • Word! Hopefully Sony or whoever sets prices takes note!

  3. wish I got into this game really do, Its just there on my ps vita, I never play it the controls are the reason to be honest, I changed them top my needs but the steering is just bad

    • I know what you mean. I think if you persist with it though you’ll get used to it.

  4. I played one level obsessively for like a week trading places with a work colleague. I thought I had him beat when I was in the top 30 in the world, but he went top 15 and I gave up then!

  5. I still need to find the time to complete the Carnival Festival! Then it’ll be back to shaving precious tenths off my times!

  6. Hoping they release more DLC for it. Got 100% trophies and have stopped trying to beat Youles. Feel I was embarrassing him too much ;)

    • Ha ha, I shall have to revisit some of my times then! :)

      • Ha I don’t think I did beat too many of your times in all honesty. Just used your ghost as my marker as I knew you had beaten the total times.

        On a side note. Carnival was far too easy wasn’t it. At least the others made me go back and chip some time off. 17 minutes was beaten when I still only had 62 stars.

      • Yes it was easy now that you mention it! I may go back and improve all my times if I Plat Wipeout and Uncharted before MGS comes out in June. Think I could make top 400/500 hundred across all events.

  7. 19 downloads every minute? Good lord.

  8. Brilliant game:-P But i just can’t get that Platinum Trophy :-/ Got to hard at the end :-(

    • stick at it,i didn’t think i would get there but i did,really frustrating at times though!

  9. Well im not contributing to any of those stats atm. Being rubbish at the game is really off putting :P Find it awful on the Vita too.

  10. Wow. I personally just found the game really frusrating but at least this proves that games don’t need to be AAA blockbusters with lots of expensive DLC in order to be successful.

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