A New MotorStorm RC Event Begins Every Single Second

A new MotorStorm RC event begins every single second, Sony said this morning in a press release showing off just how popular the super-cheap but feature-packed racer has become.

Want to know the details?

  • A new MotorStorm: RC event begins somewhere in the world every single second
  • 19 downloads of MotorStorm: RC every minute
  • At least two new PSN friendships are ignited and two new challenges are sent every minute
  • Every 60 seconds, eight PlayStation Trophies are awarded to MotorStorm RC players on their way to earning the prestigious “Lunatics Unite” Platinum Trophy

The figures, naturally, only cover online play – the numbers would be even more impressive if they could somehow magically count offline games too. But they can’t.

The press release also states that the Carnival pack is coming to PSN this week.  Presume there’s a bit of a mix-up there.



  1. I wonder what the ratio is between the PS3 and Vita.

    • Surely in favour of PS3?
      I know it’s better on the Vita, and more easily accessible and the like, but think of the install base difference…

      • Yeah, you can also race in 3D on the PS3. It looks good but I don’t think it would make much difference to the ratio.

  2. This is proof that people will pay for content if its at the right price. Sony really needs to find ways to bring down the price of the vita. They made the same mistake with the PS3 launch putting it at a massive price and I thought they would have learned from that.

  3. I found the game very trickyat the start and I almost gave up. Instead I focused embarrassing R1MJAW instead which made it very competitive and happily addictive. I have the Platinum but not 100% yet. I just started playing SR: The Third but I will get back to it.
    Anyone finding the game hard, leave it for a bit then come back try again, I promise it gets easier – also Aerial View helps a lot on most of the events.

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