Nintendo Register Super Mario 4 Domain

Today’s totally surprising news that is shocking us to our very core is the revelation that Nintendo intends making more Mario games. I know, shocking, isn’t it?

The nefarious turtle-murderer and his green-hatted brother could be set to appear in a fourth numbered side-scrolling platformer as Nintendo has registered the domain for “”. At the moment, it just redirects to Nintendo’s main website.


There’s no official word from Nintendo yet but it is worth pointing out that Super Mario World was called Super Mario 4 in Japan so this could potentially be a remake of that for a new device. There has been a new side-scrolling Mario game, which is as yet unnamed, announced for the 3DS.

Source: IGN via MCV



  1. Was wondering if they would ever do another ‘numbered’ release. Mario3 was (and still is) insanely good. Providing it comes out on a current Ninty console and not the Wii-U i’ll probably get it :)

    • Nothing quite compares to a Mario platformer. My guess is that this will be a kind of remake of Super Mario World though, which is fine by me.

      • Mario World is probably still my favourite Mario.

  2. Mario World was a brilliant follow up to the even more brilliant Mario Bros. 3. I’m hoping for a proper Mario Bros 3 sequel! :D

    • Don’t think it’s dead yet. :P
      When it’s sales start slowing, that might be more appropriate.

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