First Crysis 3 Screenshot Leaked?

An image has appeared that looks like it could have been taken from leaked title Crysis 3.


The image appears to show a Nanosuit clad individual standing in an abandoned New York City, confirmed by the street sign for Wall Street. The city has become overgrown with plant life which suggests that some time has passed since the city was inhabited.

In the background there appears to enemy vehicles including a rather large aerial vehicle. It could mean that the city is now under enemy control or maybe they’re looking for something. New York City may just be one of many locales in the shooter.

Crysis 3 is yet to be officially announced but the title did leak last week, which could lead to an announcement soon.

Source: GamingBolt



  1. Isn’t that very similar to Crysis 2?

    • I was thinking that – Could easily be concept art for Crysis 2.

      • yeah, could well be. We’ll expecting to hear an official announcement very soon.

  2. Loved the orginal on the PC,was slightly dissapointed with Crysis 2! The graphics were beautiful at times but the game just got boring really fast

  3. If its anything like 2 then i wont be getting. If they go back to the jungles of first game then will buy

  4. Maybe the aliens have frozen a big city, or the main part of a big city, and it’s the protagonists job to infiltrate a tower placed in the middle, opening a portal for the other aliens, in hopes of destroying it before it’s too late?!

  5. Still haven’t bothered sinking play time into Crysis2. I’m not selling it though as I will finish it eventually!

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