Gran Turismo Academy 2012 Announced

PlayStation Access has just announced the Gran Turismo Academy 2012, in partnership with Nissan.


The GT Academy is now in its 4th year and is a competition that allows gamers to compete for a chance to start a racing career. Those who win the competition will race in 2013’s Dubai 24 Hour Endurance race. Last year’s GT Academy team finished the Dubai event 3rd in their class and were ranked 26th overall.

The competition will start on May 2nd  and will remain open for sign up until June 26th.  The qualification process will have an 8 step training program and a demo that will be available for free from the PS Store from May 1st.  This will consist of a variety of challenges that will use Nissan cars.

Those who register the best scores will be invited to National Finals and the winners from these finals will go to a Race Camp in August to start training with the real Nissan cars. More information will be announced over the coming weeks.

Source: SCEE/SCEA Blogs



  1. Big Happy Face!

  2. Just give me the real car!

  3. *looks at Youtube clip of the chap caught under the net* Ah… tuffcub looking for his next prey. Now that’s enthusiasm.

  4. Well i’ll give it a try but will probably end up around the 100,000th position again!! Lol, some people are just insanely fast!! I race with a wheel and pedals though :) thats my excuse!

    • I think I was just inside the top 100,00 last time.

    • Wheel and pedels are considerably quicker, there worth about 2-3 seconds!

      • Depends on car and set up allowed I find, can be quicker with a stick if you are driving a car that handles like an eel in jelly!
        Must have a go at this though, hopefully make the top 1000 for the region.

  5. Coolio.

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