“Major PS3 Exclusive” To Be Revealed On May 2nd

Nothing pleases me more than the promise of these three – Sophie, Virgil and Kevin (presumably not in that order) – telling the world about some super secret new PS3 exclusive.


Sorry. Major PS3 exclusive.  Wonder if it’s this?

So, yeah, tune into JeuxVideo.fr on May 2nd at 19:30 (or about 19:31 around the rest of the web) to find out what this thing might be, and you can even interact and ask questions.

Assuming you can speak French, of course.

The guy in the sweater looks like he runs the place.  He’s definitely the tallest anyway.  A bit like our Peter, but far prettier.

Via AGB.



  1. Quantic dream game? Only because it’s a French programme.

  2. Je veux savoir!

  3. Prettier than me?! Impossible!
    That’s it, I shall challenge this pretender to a dance off!

  4. I was just thinking yesterday that there hasn’t been an Indycar game since the PS2. A new one would be better as there are a lot more road/street courses now.

  5. What happened to Title Fight?

  6. Syphon Filter, MGSHDC Volume 2 or a new coolboarders.

    • Volume 2? O.o

      • Couldn’t be Metal Gear.
        MGSHD is on xbox, this is a PS3 exclusive.

      • Yeah couldn’t be… hm

      • VOLUME II would consist of mgs1, portable ops and ops plus and both metal gear acids. I can dream…*dusts off psp*

      • Oh, that would be nice… they could get Twin Snakes if Silicon Knights mind? I think they made that hmm?

        I forgot >.> Portable Ops was a cool game and Acid could be interesting never played them.

  7. Agent must be time Rockstar.

  8. If height = in charge then I’m doing alright at 6′ 3″ ;)

    • No you’re not, Peter is 6’4″ and me and Dan are 6’5″. Get back with the minions, short arse!

      • Stop comparing sizes! Don’t make me throw cold water over you lot again! I think Mike has everyone beaten on Age, Tuffcub. ;) So he could be in charge as he is supposed to be wise.

      • Jeez, I’m a midget at 6′ compared to you long streaks of piss.
        Bloody weather forecasters :P

      • 6′ 5″? You’re just freaks ;) 6′ 3″ is a good height to be – not small but not lanky tall :P

  9. Please don’t be sequel
    Please… don’t be sequel
    Please…… don’t be sequel (with a 3/4)

    Well that title fight game? are they really doing it, hope so.

  10. It’s God of War 4…

    • Not if it’s revealed on the 19th of April, as according to the ads.

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