Ocarina Of Time Beaten In 23 Minutes

I still remember buying Ocarina of Time like it was yesterday (no pun intended). Bought it for £50 and some bloke offered me £100 that same afternoon as stocks were all out.

I still own that same cartridge.


Anyway, glitches are still being found that enable ever quicker speed runs, but this one – around about 23 minutes – is wickedly fast and uses some newly discovered warp thing.




  1. I’d have sold it for that, no game is worth getting THAT worked up over!

  2. I don’t consider it to be finishing a game if you glitch your way around the majority of it. It’s not a speedrun, that implies going through the game.

    • I think there is room for both legitimate and glitched speedruns. I’m very impressed what people can come up with to speed through a game. I mean, how the hell do you get to the final boss from the first boss room???

  3. Jeez.
    Took me aaaages to finish it when I played it lol!!

  4. This makes me feel ashamed, considering it took me around 3 years to complete this game. That’s not including the 2 years in between in which I gave up.

  5. I’m sickened to have even watched that. I enjoyed that game immensely. It was the first game I ever completed to 100%, without guides or cheats of any kind. My memory is still intact but tainted now. :(

  6. Impressive. I bet these guys take longer finding the glitches than it takes to just finish the game normally.

  7. From the Deku Tree to the end battle in seconds… and then defeating Ganon in a minute. Mad.

  8. Whoa super gamer.

    • I wouldnt call him a gamer by any means. Glitching is just taking the whole point of gaming out of context, screwing it up and throwing it away in the bin!

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