Skype Coming To Vita ‘This Month’

Oh dear, this is one of those bits of news where everything is in the title and you don’t really need to read this bit. However as you are reading I now have to be entertaining and informative. Curse you and your unending requirement for gaming news!

A clever spark posted a question on the EU PlayStation blog asking when Skype was arriving on PS Vita. Here is a lovely screen capture to fill up some space.


So there you go, Skype hopefully arriving on PS Vita by the end of of April, but you knew that already.

However, as you have waded through this waffle, here is a fact which hopefully you did not know: The word Arctic comes from the Greek word for bear (Ursa Major – “The Bear” is a northern constellation), and Antarctic comes from the Greek “anti”, meaning the opposite.

Source: EU PS Blog



  1. best news, even though I have face time but thats good news

    • Oh & thanks for the fact am sure it will come in use one day when am mmillion pound drop lol

  2. Excellent news, especially since the integrated cameras come as standard! :)

  3. i feel entertained and informed by this article

  4. I hope PS1 classics support and Remote Play for any PS3 title is coming soon too…

    • Remote Play is a feature that has to be enabled by the developers of the games. I don’t think Sony has any say in it.

  5. I assumed since MS bought Skype, we wouldn’t be seeing Skype on Vita or any other future Sony consoles. This is good news then.
    Will all future facts be ‘bear’ related TC? ;)

    • Actually I was going to post about all polar bears being left handed, but that turned out have been proved wrong.

      • They really like toothpaste, apparently.

      • and Fox’s Glacier Mints.

      • And Coca Cola.

      • Mcvities Chocolate Digestives (Christmas Limited edition)

  6. Good news. Tho I’ve really stopped using Skype in the last year. Maybe having a 3G Vita might use it again to message people.

  7. Skype isn’t something that I really use but good news for those who are waiting for it. I’m just waiting for PS1 classics

  8. I was impressed with nemesis-wonderbra’s (I never remember Phill’s actual username) efforts on Skype with the PSPGo he recently won. Sounded fine to me. Hoping that the Vita is better again (in microphone quality).

  9. This is good news I sometimes use skype so it should come in handy. I still want my Music playlists though…

  10. Nice touch.

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