Spark Unlimited Working on a New Title in an “Established Console Franchise”

It seems Spark Unlimited are busy indeed. As well as developing Lost Planet 3, they are also ” in pre-production on another, unannounced established console franchise that is creating a bold new take on the 3rd Person Action/Slasher genre”.

The job listing says a knowledge of the Unreal Engine 3 is preferable, and an “Understanding of sword fighting combat tactics, martial arts and weapons” is required.


Onimusha? Perhaps.

Source: NeoGAF



  1. Why are all the shit Developers getting jobs to do big game franchises this gen, the frig?! If it is Onimusha they better stay away from it. Capcom are so odd.. why continue to do this? O.O

  2. Erm, i’m sure that Spark is an unknown developer so it’s a massive risk that the publisher is taking with that franchise. Also, the developers of the franchise must be annoyed as they’ve been denied the chance to work on their franchise. I know i would.

    Hopefully, won’t turn out to be a R:OC as Capcom outsourced that to another unknown dev and we all know how that turned out to be.

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