WeView Verdict: Resistance 3

Look I didn’t mention this last week but I know nothing about the Resistance series. I know there are some aliens that need shooting and then… there’s something about World War II maybe? I guess there was a boat in that E3 trailer, so presumably you go somewhere with a river at some point? That’s really it. I mean normally when I select a game I know at least a little bit about the game, but Resistance 3 (and the franchise as a whole) completely passed me by for some reason. It’s not even that I didn’t have a PS3 till recently, I’ve always had a faint awareness of other titles like Killzone or Uncharted; the same really can’t be said for Resistance.

Much like Stacking’s verdict, things were a bit split with Resistance 3. There were those of you who seemed to be very keen on the game, like manky_ who said it was “…a great game” that they wished more people would play as it “…has been largely ignored…” In the very next comment we heard from community bossman AG2297 (or AG-Too-Many-Numbers if you’re a podcast fan) who wasn’t quite as pleased with the game.

[drop2]To be fair to him, he did say that he was a “Huge fan of the first Resistance,” but called the second entry in the trilogy “a huge disappointment bar a few great set pieces.” As for the prime topic of discussion, Resistance 3? Well he started off by saying that “…the graphics were some of the worst I have seen on the console personally,” before reeling off a long list of issues and concluding by saying that the game has “…firmly kicked Insomniac off my “top devs” list.” Ouch.

Staying with those of you who weren’t too keen on the game for a moment, let’s turn our attention to Foxhound_Solid. In one of the strangest comments on WeView he compared the game to the “kfc reggae reggae meal”, saying that it “looks great, exciting and fills you with high expectations. After the first bite you quickly realise it hasn’t hit any of the heights you hoped for and leaves you feeling full of regret and disappointment.” That’s a pretty solid analogy, if a little odd. In fact I’m now considering starting a Tumblr blog dedicated entirely to reviewing things in comparison to food.

Most of you were content to do without any reference to fast food though. For example Pritchie101 called the game’s environments breathtaking without a single reference to Chicken McNuggets. They went on to call the combat  “…fast-paced and fun…”, and felt that the story was interesting, making “…you really feel for the characters.”

Now that I’ve used up Foxhound_Solid’s KFC reference there’s not really a single comment I can pluck this week which sums up the game, so we’ll move straight onto the verdicts for once. Eighteen of you decided to cast your vote this week, and there were a few split decisions on posts. This makes it a bit tricky for me to count, but I tend to just pick whichever one comes first in the text. With that said, just one of you selected Bargain Bin It, and Avoid It narrowly came ahead of it on two votes. In second place was Rent It with four of you selecting it, but the emphatic winner is Buy It with eleven of you rating the game as such. So there you have it, there may have been a little dissent, but overall the game is still worthy of purchasing.

As always if you have any game you’d like to see selected for WeView tomorrow simply drop a comment below.


  1. There’s an error to correct in the conclusion… buy it?

  2. Rent it came first and second? Right…….

    • An easy decision to make then – Definitely rent it! :)

    • Rent it first and, if you like it, rent it again :)

  3. “Look I didn’t mention this last week but I know nothing about the Resistance series.”

    Welcome to TSA, Kris. Have a look around. See what you think. :-p

  4. I bought this off eBay last week after seeing the initial WeView article. I’m a big fan of the Resistance games though and therefore will make my own decision on it soon. I’m lookin forward to it.

  5. I’d like to see El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron on the WeView. Have yet to decide whether I should purchase it or not. I’ve seen a few videos on it and I’m not sure if it’s just a really short platformer.

    • Ive played quite a bit of it. Becomes repetitive quite early on. Lovely art style though :)

  6. so we should rent it twice?

  7. I love how you’ve corrected it so it’s now rent it and buy it, but they have four each meaning there’s no winner, and also the votes add up to 11 when you received 18 – whatever the other seven went for is the winner! ;o)

  8. Sorry guys, I’ve fixed this now! Tired today.

    • No apologies needed – I wasn’t interested in the article because I’m not interested in the game, so you made it worth reading! ;o)

  9. Happy to help ^_^

  10. Haha! The KFC comment by Foxhound_Solid made me laugh!

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