A Halo 4 Date Might Be Announced Tonight

Regardless of our personal thoughts on the series, Halo is always big news. It’s the most popular console exclusive, aside from Wii pack-ins and it is about to return to its core narrative by picking up with Master Chief again.

Rumour has it, via The Verge, that Microsoft is returning to one of their favourite avenues for announcements: the late night talk show. This time, it’s Conan O’Brien’s show that seems to be their focus. Both Alison Stroll, senior producer at 343 Industries, and Larry Hryb, Microsoft cheerleader Major Nelson, tweeted yesterday at around the same time.


Alison said “A little birdy (or was it Andy?) told us @TeamCoco will have some big Halo 4 news tomorrow. Stay tuned!” while the Major said “Look for #Halo4 news on the way in the next 24 hours. Hint: @TeamCoco plays a part!”. So it looks promising that there will be something on O’Brien’s show but what makes us think it’s a release date?

Well, The Verge has got some of those sources everyone loves. They say that their moles inside Microsoft tell them November the 6th is locked in as Halo 4’s release date.

Source: The Verge



  1. I don’t know the most famous one but I think the best console exclusive game ever is Demon’ Souls.

    • I guess so but it does feature stiff competition from Monster Hunter Freedom Unite which is a PSP exclusive Aha!

  2. Thanks for ruining the surprise!

    I’m sure they’ll accidentally put it on the Microsoft website before it gets shown on the o’Brien show :P

  3. Are they going on a date?

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