Here’s That Vita Game About Sunflowers You Wanted

Plants vs. Zombies has sunflowers in it, but this isn’t that game.  This is another one, called SunFlowers. It’s by The Game Atelier (who did Flying Hamster) and it’s out – well – I don’t know.

“SunFlowers is pretty simple but it’s a terribly addictive game,” we’re told. “You control the Sun and have the power to grow beautiful flowers down on the Earth.”


“Every flower grown during a game goes directly in your garden,” it continues, “and there are 330 flowers to collect in total!”

Looks kooky, at least.



  1. Ok, sounds like they are really trying to give the Vita a big catalogue, but I’d rather see news of LBP Vita!

  2. PSN or mini game?

  3. LOOL i cant wait for this one. How much is it?

  4. Looks addictive. How much is this game?

  5. No just no. Where are the decent games. This is some kiddy rubbish.

  6. Soo.. is it only going to use a tiny strip of the screen? Looks like a trrailr for an iPhone version rather than Vita.

  7. music was great, my old violin teacher will be turning in his grave .

  8. Hmmm, not gripping me but I’ll give the trial a go.

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