Conan O’Brien Skit Reveals Tiny Bit Of Halo 4 Footage

Yesterday, we got wind that Conan O’Brien was going to be doing something to help market Halo 4 on his talk show. Today, we have that little bit of marketing as a lengthy YouTube video.

Most of the giggles came at the expense of Kiki Wolfskill’s awesome name as she and Frank O’Connor took part in a slightly uncomfortable comedy skit. Most of it is a bit rubbish but there is a very brief glimpse of multiplayer gameplay at around the 8:50 mark.

Source: YouTube



  1. This will be like Halo 3 hopefully where you can go to a little area out of the way and hear two marines bickering. T&he higher the difficulty means different things are said.

    I’m confident this will be a easter egg!

    • That was one of my favourite parts about Halo3. All those little extras :)

      • Yeah the Red Vs. blue guys in it was awesome.

  2. Not been a fan of the Halo games as they feel too generic for me but good for all those interested.
    Graphics do look very dated though.

  3. Wow… I thought our talk shows were bad..

    The 5 seconds of footage we did see, did look pretty damn good though.

    • Yeah the show was awful.

      It looked good, I’m a bit disappointed that the BR is back or at least hopefully the DMR is in there as well, I love the DMR.

  4. I feel bad for those two having to put up with Conan. :D
    I always enjoy his interviews. He’s my favourite late night host.

  5. Dem pre-alpha graphics…

  6. Not really liking the burst fire BR.

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