Darksiders II Delayed

Darksiders II has been delayed until August 2012, THQ has announced. The games was originally set to release in June.

In a post on the Darksiders II website the developers said that the reason for the delay is so the development team has more time to fix bugs and give the game a better polish. This is due to Darksiders II being a bigger title than Darksiders, meaning more work.


THQ stated in a small Q & A that the delay is nothing to do with any platform releases, including the Wii U. The recent layoffs at Vigil also did not have anything to do with the delay. THQ also said that more region specific release dates for Darksiders II will be announced in the next few days.

Darksiders II will release on PS3, Xbox 360, PC and the Wii U.

Source: Darksiders.com



  1. *assumes darth vader stance*

  2. August isn’t too bad. I’d rather wait and it be right than have loads of bugs and fixing patches.

  3. Bah, literally just pre-ordered this a few minutes ago at Game, oh well.

  4. Its bad.. however it increases the chance of me buying it. Thats good

  5. It’s just two months, as long as it stays that way I’m fine with it. Some extra polish will probably be good as the original seemed to be needing a bit itself.

  6. Found the combat system of one boring. Still interested in two though.

  7. More incentive to order it for the Wii U, then.

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