Metro Newspaper Claims “Predators” Move In On Xbox Gamers After Two Minutes

[drop2]“Two minutes to fall prey to Xbox predators” is the headline that’s currently hitting the laps of over 1.3 million commuters this morning via the Metro newspaper – it’s also on their website.

“Sexual predators are taking advantage of young people’s willingness to add strangers as online contacts out of a sense of ‘competition’ over their popularity,” starts the article.


“They are also increasingly likely to use gaming platforms such as Xbox Live to target children,” it continues, citing “researchers.” It uses an image of an Xbox at this point.

Not a 360, an Xbox.

“Many are spending up to six hours a day on online ‘fishing expeditions’ where they work though up to 200 contacts until they find a vulnerable child willing to interact with them,” it says.

“Researcher Prof Julia Davidson said: ‘Conversation between an online offender and a child can now become sexualised within two minutes. On social networking sites, if the child does not respond, the offender will simply move on to the next child.’”

We’ve no doubt that there are shitty people out there, but I’m missing the bit where the Xbox is linked here other than the fact that the console is online.

“The alarming findings come from a study of police logs of online conversations as well as 33 interviews with convicted offenders in Britain, Belgium and Norway. It concluded that ‘the anonymous, disinhibiting properties of the internet’ allowed sexual approaches to be made almost instantly.”

“Prof Davidson, from Kingston University, added: ‘During our interviews, offenders said they didn’t need to bother with a grooming process when they could immediately ask children for sex or to meet so they could abuse them.’”

The Metro concludes with this. “She added that children were always online via android mobiles which could not be programmed with parental settings.” Like this?



  1. Wouldn’t that apply to all online gaming services? As i doubt that people like Bmike (:p) would stick to one console and limit themselves because of it.

    I thought the Original Xbox no longer has Live due to MS focusing on the 360 and thus many game servers have now been shut down? If so then i’ve poked a massive hole in the Metro’s report.

    I’m sure that most kids are smart enough to know not to meet strangers that they’ve met over Xbox Live.

    Also, i’m going to need more proof Metro as you are not trustworthy due to that story a few months back. But if they mean Predators from Predators, then what happened to their high tech gear? O-o

  2. Metro – I’d trust the Beano for my daily dose of political commentary before I trusted these numpties.
    And they all have bad breath and BO too ;-)

  3. More sensationalist tabloid bullshit! Who’d have thought…

  4. Predators hunting our children? Someone phone Arnie and Danny Glover.

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought this upon reading the headline.

    • GET TO DA CHOPPA!!!!

    • No love for Adrien Brody then?

    • Adrian Brody didn’t win though. He just didn’t loose. Saana Lathan is a turn-coat and should not be trusted under any circumstances.

      Arnie and Danny both have proven track records.

      • As far as i am concerned, if you end up alive at the end of an encounter with the predator (or predators in this case), you won.

      • Fair enough I suppose. I guess I just don’t consider it a win unless I’m tucked up nice and warm in my own home at the end.

        Killing some Predators, yet still being surrounded by Predators (but with no ammo left)? erm, yay team!

        At least it wasn’t Requiem :P

      • Yeah, agreed – Lets not even go there! :D

  5. I get so many anonymous friend requests as a result of near on vita. Puts a sinister spin on it.

  6. Parents – equip your children with playstations
    and iphones, it’s the only way to keep them safe! A clever marketing move by Apple ad Sony methinks.

  7. Surely theyd find my kids via Infra-Red vision and not the PSn/Live?…… oh wait…

  8. “Paedo grooms and dates COD Modern Warfare teen and gets very severe verbal abuse, vowing never to use a games console for speed dating again” wait…that’s not right! :P

  9. As much as everyone laughs and slates the article, its actually showing people that it’s not always safe online. Yes it clearly states the xbox, but the overal point of the article shows that these consoles should have parent passwords to keep them safe. Its not different to the internet.

    The police obviously think its a problem, so why people here are poo pooing it I don’t know. Yes not all info is correct in the article, but it has some points that parents should take note of.

    • I think its more the shoddy reporting of the subject that people take issue with tbh.

      Yes, it is a serious issue, but getting the facts straight would be a good start.

      • Metro getting the facts straight that is, not you! :)

      • well yes thats fair enough…just sometimes it comes across on here as it being a stupid article, when it’s not, its just the facts are wrong….pretty much like every article on most papers infact ;-)

    • The xbox 360 has fantastic parental cotrols. You can prevent the child from talking to anyone you dont wish them to as everyone can be set as muted automatically and the only way to unmute as to access the parental settings.

  10. Well I’ve managed to arrange a shag via LittleBig Planet so anything is possible :)

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