Metro Newspaper Claims “Predators” Move In On Xbox Gamers After Two Minutes

[drop2]“Two minutes to fall prey to Xbox predators” is the headline that’s currently hitting the laps of over 1.3 million commuters this morning via the Metro newspaper – it’s also on their website.

“Sexual predators are taking advantage of young people’s willingness to add strangers as online contacts out of a sense of ‘competition’ over their popularity,” starts the article.


“They are also increasingly likely to use gaming platforms such as Xbox Live to target children,” it continues, citing “researchers.” It uses an image of an Xbox at this point.

Not a 360, an Xbox.

“Many are spending up to six hours a day on online ‘fishing expeditions’ where they work though up to 200 contacts until they find a vulnerable child willing to interact with them,” it says.

“Researcher Prof Julia Davidson said: ‘Conversation between an online offender and a child can now become sexualised within two minutes. On social networking sites, if the child does not respond, the offender will simply move on to the next child.’”

We’ve no doubt that there are shitty people out there, but I’m missing the bit where the Xbox is linked here other than the fact that the console is online.

“The alarming findings come from a study of police logs of online conversations as well as 33 interviews with convicted offenders in Britain, Belgium and Norway. It concluded that ‘the anonymous, disinhibiting properties of the internet’ allowed sexual approaches to be made almost instantly.”

“Prof Davidson, from Kingston University, added: ‘During our interviews, offenders said they didn’t need to bother with a grooming process when they could immediately ask children for sex or to meet so they could abuse them.’”

The Metro concludes with this. “She added that children were always online via android mobiles which could not be programmed with parental settings.” Like this?



  1. Remember: If it bleeds, we can kill it.

  2. If the sexual content is teabagging, I think they have their wires crossed.

  3. Think you all missed the point. The articule said that they admitted they use Live ect to groom. Kids will add anyone to seem ‘popular’ on Live/ facebook stuff like that. Offenders would then just come straight out and try and arrange sex with them, and if they don’t get a responce they’d move on. Almost like a law of averages, they’d target vunreable kids and the likes of Live make it easier. So how is this bad reporting or wrong facts? The articule wasnt saying live is to blame just its a new tool pedos use. It makes sense really and its plausable. Ofcourse it just means parents should be aware.

    • I agree it’s a bad issue and peado’s will use any tool they can get away with the shit they do. They even started transporting vile images via memory cards inside sat navs, etc…

      But I don’t think we missed the point, as some previous posts point out. It is a serious issue. But it’s the fact that its just a sensationalist headline from a paper that can’t be trusted, it’s a five minute article without a proper argument with correct facts and it doesn’t even report on how to protect vunerable children or what you can do to minimize the risk – which a good article would do.

  4. I’ve been victim of potential predators many times online……. I wish…..


  5. WTF “Predators” use XBox? Where is Major Alan “Dutch” Schaefer (Arnold Schwarzenegger) when need him?

  6. Load of rubbish from the Metro as usual. They obviously have never been on Xbox Live. The kids on XBL abuse the adults more than anything else.

    To be honest though, I get what the article is trying to put across, but it’s been poorly researched. Much like anything the Metro do. Nearly all devices, especially consoles, have some form of parental control these days. It really falls on the parents to act on issues like this. If they have a young child they should either not being allowing them to use an 18 rated service, like XBL. Or they should make sub accounts so they can restrict what their kids do.

  7. Damn I thought this was about Predators as in the aliens

  8. Lol. Got a few mates with 360s. Does this mean they are peados Lol? Why o Why do they blame gaming for all that is evil….? Tossers.

  9. PAEDOGEDDON!!!!!!!!

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