More Evidence That Tomorrow’s Game Is God Of War

We’ve already stated that unless Sony are pulling off one hell of a troll, tomorrow’s thing is likely to God Of War related. That was evidence collected from the folder names of some of the images Sony were using for their initial Facebook tease.

Tonight though,‘s European writer V_Ben picked up that one of the Flash files Sony are using is even more telling – ps_gow-teaser_12371_hp.swf.


So, yeah, tomorrow. Unless, like I said, it’s one cruel little trick, expect Kratos to be all over your screens. If it’s not him and God Of War, well, who knows…



  1. PS GOW = PlayStation Gears of War.

    I’ll get my coat.

    • Hahahaha….taxi for one lol.

    • Crap, you got that first! :) That was my initial reaction to what gow could mean besides the obvious God of War acronym.

  2. I would be surprised if Sony went “it’s not actually GOW guys, just Kratos is now f*** p*** off so therefore, we’ve decided to release God of fluffly bunnies” :P

    It had better not be another Kratos game as he’s getting a bit boring now. Plus, he has killed every god. Doubt that humans would pose much of a challenge for him and thus result in a boring game. Hope it moves onto a different protaginst in a different period but not a Kratos clone as 1 very p*ssed off Spartan is more then enough for a franchise.

    • My thoughts exactly i think they have done all they can with Kratos he has defeated everyone! But come on God Of War would not be God Of War if it never had Kratos!.Unless they made Kratos the enemy and created someone new

    • God of war is all Kratos, there is no other God of war, it would mean re branding the name if they going explore other mythology. Kratos aint killed all the Gods yet.

    • I think you will enjoy tomorrows PlayBack feature :)

  3. Huh, interesting.

    While I find the gameplay of all titles to be a bit too sameish I hope they add some interesting stuff to change the pace of the game a bit.

  4. I got bored of the 3rd one quickly but if this is a Vita title im sold!

    • I Don’t know what to say to you bored of the 3rd one seriously?

      • I got tired of the gameplay quickly by then I had imported the HD collection and it had just worn quite thin on me.

        2000 TSA points woo!

      • I found the third one a tad repetitive!

  5. A lightbulb just went off before as to what I believe this reveal will be!…I believe it will be a God of War game, but not God of War IV, but instead an all-new PlayStation Vita game, as the original file name for the image ended in gowa. If you look back to the two God of War games on the PSP, they did not have numbers in their titles, but sub-titles. I believe that a at the end of gowa means that it will be God Of War: with a sub-title beginning with the letter a for the PlayStation Vita!

    What does everyone else think? And if this is a God of War game for the PlayStation Vita, will it make you purchase a PS Vita, if you haven’t already?

    • I too think it’s for the Vita, but don’t read too much into the A.
      It could mean anything, from image A of A,B,C,D… etc. to simply ‘God of War Announcement.’

    • Excellent detective work. I too think it will be for vita. Ps4 is too close to make a PS3 version, and it is too early to announce a PS4 game (what with the machine itself not even revealed yet).

      • PS4 too close for a PS3 game?
        God of War II came out on PS2 after the PS3 came out, so I wouldn’t say that….

    • it is for PS3 stig has been working on it for ages way before we heard of the Vita.

  6. hope its God of War IV: 300

    Kratos in his sparta days against the persians etc

    • He fought the persians in Chains of Olympus, so its highly unliky they’d do that again.

  7. im a heretic and preferred Dantes Inferno :P mostly because i never played a GOW game until Chains of Olympus and to be honest, both games felt the same, i also preffered (with the exception of the tacked on *challenge* thing) the imagery of DI.

  8. Vita title please. One where we play as Kratos’ brother. You’d think they would save a new ps3 title for something like E3. But what interests me almost more is who the developer is, all signs point at Santa Monica as Ready at Dawn turned down the offer to make another one.

  9. Everyone’s right. GoW hasn’t changed since it began, but i love it. It needs something new, but Kratos IS THE God of War (don’t…). If they were changing the main character, don’t use the same brand name (I’m looking at you, Bourne Legacy).

    All that said I would love a new Vita GoW game, but I’m not sure anyone could outdo GoS and the prequel stuff’s a bit tired now. Pfft, i dunno, difficult decision for SSM but they’re probably 3/4s of the way through whatever it is already

  10. I can’t wait :P Just finished ‘Chains of Olympus'(HD) on the PS3 & it was brilliant(for a ex-PSP game) Next up for me is ‘Ghost of Sparta'(HD) then. . .hopefully ‘God of War 4: The Revenge of the PS4’ LoL:D

    • *goes to facepalm and then decides it’s not worth it*.

      Can you please stop being a fanboy? We get it, you love the Playstation. I’m getting fed up with reading the same comment on every PS3 related story. And i’m sure i’m not the only one.

      I doubt that revenge of the PS4 would sell well as it sounds a bit boring. Does someone betrays it and thus it becoming another Kratos?

    • Revenge of Sega!


      • Don’t you mean, revenge of SAAAAYYYYGAHHHHH? :p

        Have a feeling that a very annoyed Sonic would be funny as hell. Or a drunk one. Or both. Ooo, Revenge of the marine that has a full set of hair.

      • Revenge of Knuckles.

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