Sony’s 3D PlayStation Display Now Available In Europe

Remember the 3D monitor that Sony showed off at last year’s E3? It’s been out in the US for a while now but I’ve been keeping an eye out for a European release and have been disappointed… until now!

The press release came through this morning to let us know that the 24 inch, 1080P 3D Display is now available in Europe, although I’ve checked and it’s still not showing up on Amazon just yet. For its European release, the display is bundled with a couple of games – Platinum versions of Killzone 3 and Gran Turismo 5 as well as an HDMI cable and two pairs of rechargable 3D glasses.


Those 3D glasses will also allow you to use the display’s SimulView feature, showing a totally different 2D image to two different players, allowing a kind of split screen 2-player mode without having to split the screen!

There are two HDMI ports as well as a component port, which the press release says is for a PS2 or PSP connection but we assume it will accept DVD players, freeview boxes and the like too.

The bundle is priced at £449.99, hopefully retailers will start updating their listings soon.

Source: Press release.



  1. yes been waiting for this tv or monitor whatever it is. Been looking on amazon for so long

    • Why? There’s far better alternatives for a lot less.

      • I know but this would just be for my study room and gaming heaven & i like the trick with the glasses

      • You know I want this to and I don’t care ifs there’s TVs that much cheaper.

        It looks cool simply.

    • Also if your going to buy a 3d tv the best one under £500 is probably the Panasonic st30 (42″ version)

    • Sorry, didn’t see your reply when I posted that but there’s still better small 3d monitor/tv’s for around £300. Some are even 2k ( 2x 1080p)

      • Im not going lie to you the giant psp look looks sexy & its playstation its a must have lol, guess am buy the brand rather than the hardware

  2. I was excited for this when it was first announced but becuase of the epic delay for the EU on top of the price over hear, I’m gonna have to give it a dodge

  3. wow that was lucky, was just looking at this yesterday trying to find out when it was released and because i couldn’t find anything, nearly bought just any old 3d tv. definitely gonna buy it.

  4. Out of interest, how many games support this SimulView feature? I assume it wouldnt be automatic.

    • Gt5, uncharted, motorstorm and killzone do for sure, probably quite a few more though.

  5. Sounds pricey – Surely you can get a larger 3D TV for that sort of money? (I don’t know for certain as I hate 3D with a passion)

  6. If you press a button, the screen slides up revealing a giant joypad for this supersize PSPgo

  7. £250 to expensive for me I’m afraid shame if this had been on the othe side of £300 I might of biten.

  8. I think it’s a bit expensive as 24″ is a bit small. On the other hand it’s bound to deliver a cracking picture, perhaps suitable for a bedroom?

  9. At first glance it seems too expensive, but remember it’s got two pairs of glasses. In some setups you’d be looking at £100-150 extra for the glasses. Knock that off the price and maybe it’s not so bad.

    It’s too late for me though, I went down the line of 3D projectors. Unchartered 3/Crysis 2 on a 80″ screen in 3D! I couldn’t go back to 24″.

  10. Just for a 40 inch full hd Sony from Argos for £370 couldn’t play games on a small screen anymore

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