Amazon.De: PS Vita & 8 GB Memory Card For £162

Sprechen sie deutsch? If you do you may be able to navigate the website where you can grab a PlayStation Vita and a 8 GB Memory Card for a smidgen under £162.

The deal, posted on Savy Gamer, is for the Wi-Fi version of the console and you will need to use this link for the Vita and this link for the memory card.


The price will be discounted at the checkout to €197.78, which converts to £161.75 and they will ship to the UK.

You can also add Dungeon Hunter Alliance, FIFA, Lumines: Electronic Symphony, Rayman Origins or Virtua Tennis 4 for an extra £16.

Source: SavyGamer



  1. Blimey that’s a cracking deal. If I didn’t already own a PS Vista that would be a big incentive.

    • Vista.. ooh the pain.

      • Doh!! My bad!!

      • Google make that’s mistake also. DID YOU MEAN VISTA SOFTWARE LIST? … No Google, I did not.

  2. sehr gut!

  3. I thought it would be a bit longer before we saw discounted prices.
    Won’t take long for others to do the same.

  4. wundabar !

  5. Tempted to buy it and sell it. Lot of money to be taking from my account though :/

  6. no regional worries? will my NTSC VHS tapes play ok at 110v and transfer to my wax cylinders at local temperatures?

  7. Would u have to pay import tax on top of that does anyone know? That would make it no cheaper than over here I imagine?

  8. No Taxes as EU Duty has already been paid.

    • Cool. Damn that makes me want it soooo much now! Why couldn’t you have just said yeah there will be loads of tax mate lol

      • If you fail to pay it and they ring you to discuss it, is that the …
        Call of Duty

      • LOL. They don’t phone, they send you a letter and play with the Vita til you pay up.

  9. I keep being really tempted by Vita but I have to remind myself I have nowhere to use it! I still have a big backlog of PS3 games at home and drive to work so wouldn’t really have any need for it. The same reason I sold my PSP.
    Looks so nice though :(

  10. If I had £162 spare, I would buy that in an instant! :(

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