First Crysis 3 Trailer Is Live, Gameplay Footage Next Week

FPS fanatics are in for a treat this morning as Crytek give a quick glimpse into 2013’s first blockbuster shooter, Crysis 3.


At just under 20 seconds, it’s not the most comprehensive teaser we’ve seen all week, though just enough to get a good idea of how the game will look running on CryENGINE 3.

A more in-depth look at gameplay is due to go live next week on April 24th.



  1. I really enjoyed fc2, but that was back in the day when there wasn’t much quality on ps3. They’ll have to improve on a lot for this to stand out in today’s current market, but most importantly if I take out a guard post, don’t have them respawn 30 seconds later as soon as I’m out of sight.

    • FC? You on the wrong article :o??

  2. thank you for the warning, i’m tired of trailers without actual gameplay. i don’t even bother to click this.

    • Same, they mean very little for the actual game, although I also am tired of trailers that cut up various gameplay footage and stitch it together with irritating slogans. Not an honest impression of a game either way…

      • Damn these un-editable comments! I really like how FEZ trailers always used gameplay and made it look good, such as their “screenshot” trailers.

  3. I’d rather play crysis 1.

    • Out of interest, why?

      I am just not sure how you could qualify that comment without actually seeing any gameplay footage of Crysis 3 is all. It could turn out that this game massively surpasses the first Crysis.

      • Maybe he’s saying he’d rather play Crysis 1 than watch the trailer…

        Then again, probably not! :-P

  4. Will be a straight to PSN game?

    • Wouldn’t have thought so – It may appear there too (very overpriced of course), but i would expect a boxed release of this.

  5. Really don’t see the point of teaser trailers like this. If it was announcing a new game using such a trailer, then that’s ok, but seeing as we already knew the game existed, it seems quite pointless.

  6. Needs more wub-wub.

  7. The internet had finally gotten over the arrow to the knee jokes and you just had to start it back up again didn’t you. :D

  8. Loved the orginal on the PC,thought number 2 was fun just got a tad repetitive but what FPS doesn’t! cant wait to see some actual gameplay

    • Me too, genuinely looking forward to playing Rambo with the bow and arrow :D

  9. Looks good, and the bow looks like it could make for even more diverse gameplay.

  10. Well i for one can not wait for Crysis 3, bring it on Crytek.

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