New Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time Trailer

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time is an all new third person action adventure for PS3, and going off the video above, looks like a nice return to some platforming goodness.


The game is due out later this year, from Sanzaru Games, the guys that did the HD remakes of the older Sly titles, and follows on from the ending of Sly 3.



  1. Looks spectacular. Even if it were to be a copy/paste job of previous games I’d still walk away extremely satisfied.

  2. Looks awesome! never played the Sly games before the collection came out and thought they were fantastic cannot wait for this!.

  3. Same,I was late to the sly trilogy, but found them to be fantastic ! so looking forward to this!

  4. This looks ace.

  5. Sly looks very displeased about something while hes sitting in that van.

    • The nurses at the home refuse to change him if he’s just going to keep doing it.

  6. Old school platforming.
    Can’t wait.

  7. Really does look pretty fab. I got the PS2 trilogy from PSN, after really enjoying the 1st game from PS+, so I’ll be up to speed by the time this is out.

  8. Liking this.

  9. Definitely getting this after buying the trilogy when it was on sale. Currently about half way through 2nd so will be done in plenty of time to get this.

  10. Looking good. Nothing like a bit of zany platform goodness every so often!

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