Piracy Rate On Android Version Of Football Manager Is 9:1

Anecdotally, I’ve heard similar – piracy on Android is rife.

Miles Jacobson, the guy behind the Football Manager Handheld series, has spoken out on Twitter about his latest game and how it’s been hit with unbelievable levels of piracy.


First up though, the good news.  About two hours ago Jacobson announced that the game had entered into the “between 10k and 50k” sales band. “Thank you very much to those who bought it,” he said. “However, seeing as people pleaded with us to get FMH onto Android, I’m amazed at how pirated it is,” he continued. “Around 9:1. Dicks.”

“And you wonder why developers are so reticent to make games for Android? The pirates could kill it for everyone. Sigh,” he added.

The ratio for piracy on the PC version was 5:1, apparently, with FM2009.

“The problem is much worse on Android,” he said, when asked about the iPhone.  “You need to jailbreak iOS,” he said. “Most don’t.” It doesn’t look like it’s been a particularly good day for the developer.  “Piracy on Android is the worst I’ve seen in my career in games,” he said.

These figures aren’t unique to this game, either. A quick Google suggests that around about 90% is the going rate in some cases.

The game costs £6.99.



  1. I think it’s more to do with the pricing, relative to the platform. £6.99 sounds perfectly reasonable on PSN or XBLA, but for a mobile, it sounds quite expensive compared to the games that cost just a pound or two. That could be a reason behind it.

    • There’s a stats page in the game… Over my career, it works out at 8 pence per hour of game time (and that is always falling and i’ve played multiple careers).

      I reckon that’s a reasonable price, don’t you?!

  2. Hopefully PSSuite will sort this oute?

  3. Wow, there’s just no reason for it and the excuse isn’t price.

  4. Makes me sad to see these figures, especially when I want to see some apps to come to Android.

  5. What a shame. I would buy it, if they added the danish leagues to the game, until that happens I’m gonna pira…. (kidding :P ) stay away from it.

  6. With regards to price; Its the same price as the game is on iOS and considerably cheaper than on PSP – bear in mind that its frankly impossible to release FMH at 69p or whatever because of the licensing costs involved with the game (i.e. below a certain price we’d be losing money with each copy sold).

    I implemented the Android version of Football Manager Handheld largely in my own time (i.e. outside of work) because I love the platform and personally use a Galaxy S2 phone.

    As such its obviously my hope that the product will sell well enough to warrant subsequent versions in the future … will it do so, time will tell, I’ll feel a tad silly for investing my own time in this version if it doesn’t ;)

    Marc Vaughan – Sports Interactive Ltd

    • I bought your game for the Bargain price of £6.99. Pardon my french but i f**kin’ love it. 27 hrs and 45 mins sunk into it so far. How bout a vita version ;)

      Thank you for your time and efforts! You made me extremely happy

    • Out of curiosity, how viable is Android as a platform if the levels of piracy are this high? As in do the sales still make sense to continue to develop for?

    • I really hope you do a Vita version, that game would fit perfectly on the Vita and so far, there aren’t any piracy issues on the Vita. I understand if you are not going to do one now, but maybe Football Manager Handheld 13 (with more leagues, specially the danish leagues ;P ) could launch for Vita together with Football Manager 13 for other platforms.

      I would love to see that and if priced right, I guess around 15€/12£/110DKR, that would be a hit.

  7. It’s a tricky one really, don’t get me wrong I pay for my games. However, how many of us have bought second hand?? I imagine most of us and the devs don’t get a penny of that either.not that I agree with all this DRM stuff… What about borrowing games from friends? People swap/sell games on this very site, like I said its a tricky one. Maybe its more about playing with people who got there’s for nothing when you paid? In a way boosting is like that too, people get a higher level/trophy/better. Pesky boosters.

    • *level/trophy/betterstuff

    • You could buy a second-hand game, like it and buy their next release on time. It’s a tricky thing.

  8. It doesn’t surprise me unfortunately. Ten seconds on Google and you’ve foundation pirated version, and I think people are happier to do it than they would on the PC, as how many pirate music, or films or TV, this is the same for them. Even on PCs its bad enough, even if you don’t pirate games how many do you know who have pirated Office, despite the existence of LibreOffice/OpenOffice? Even if it’s vital for them and there is a workable free legal alternative, people will steal not see it as worth the money and take it. Piracy is rampant and it’s a shame but God knows what can be done about it. I think the Google Play store is far too insecure to actually sell things, hence why most things have adverts instead. Something like Steam for Android, with better but unintrusive protection for games. Can’t be that hard, surely?

  9. I think it’s the culture of jailbreaking/rooting your device (i wouldn’t know about iOS or Android, just guessing), it’s considered more than normal these days, more like “must have”, thus opening ways to illegal content and stuffs?

  10. Not good at all…

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