Rumour: Prey 2 Developer Downed Tools in November

A new report, blamed on those pesky anonymous sources, is claiming that the Prey 2 developer stopped work on the game last November. Shacknews is relaying the information it claims comes from a source that didn’t want to be named. It’s not clear if that source is inside Human Head, inside Bethesda or just a bloke in the pub so keep in mind that this is very much an unsubstantiated rumour.

Apparently, Human Head ceased work on Prey 2 in November in an attempt to gouge out a better contract with Bethesda. Part of the dangerous game of chicken the studio was having with their publisher involved laying off some staff, in the hope that they’d re-hire those staff members once they won a better contract. Sounds extremely risky, given the current global economy.


Apparently, the strategy appeared to be working for Human Head until March the 2nd this year, when everything from Bethesda went quiet.Yesterday’s blunt statement about the game’s situation is all the publisher is willing to say on the matter but seems to hint at a general dissatisfaction with the current state of the game as supplied by Human Head. That statement has led many to speculate that the game might be punted to a different studio entirely, much as Bethesda did with Rogue Warrior (which turned out quite badly, you might remember).

Human Head is allegedly already working on a new prestigious project and has recently admitted that they’d consider a sequel to Rune.

Source: Shacknews



  1. “The hard part about playing chicken is knowin’ when to flinch”
    – Bart Mancuso (Scott Glenn), The Hunt for Red October.

    Love that film.

  2. Seeing as Human Head is a little known developer, that is bloody risky. They should have asked after Prey 2 was released as Bethesda would probably be more likely to give them a better contract provided the game sold well.

    Have a feeling that this will be Bethesda’s version of DNF in terms of development. Or the developers keep crashing and beth has to keep doing a hard restart. Sorry, couldn’t resist. *grabs coat and leave* Wait, whose coat is this?

    • *Who’s. A bug caused that mistake.

    • “Little known”?! They made Rune and Prey!

    • Gotta love that DNF is also an acronym for Did Not Finish (like in Athletics/F1/etc) – seems somehow appropriate in the case of Duke’s last, broken, horrible outing.

    • Perhaps not as risky as carrying on working with Bethesda like Obsidian did with New Vegas, the tightness and potential loose morals of the deal meant they were in trouble as they missed their negotiated bonus based on Metacritic score by one point and with no royalties payable were screwed to a point where it probably meant they’d have been better off not developing it.

      Hopefully anyone who does step in is able to negotiate a deal which doesn’t put the future of their company in doubt.

    • This sounds to me more like it could be Bethesda’s version of Damnation … but then i’m ‘the’ guy who enjoyed DNF. :)

  3. Trailer looked good for this game…

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