What We Played #49

While I still struggle with the dilemma of whether to buy The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings on 360 or wait to see if it turns up on the PS3 later this year Dan, the lucky sod, has already been playing it. You may have already read about his time with the preview.  Of the full game he adds that it’s a “wonderful game, and so far it’s been a fantastic port and I’ve come across no bugs”.

In the early days of PlayStation you may have spent many happy hours like me driving around tracks and arenas smashing into the other cars as much as you could all the while trying to minimise any damage to your own. Destruction Derby was enormous fun and Codies’ Dirt Showdown, which Peter has been playing thanks to a preview build, looks to update the formula and damage modelling for the current gen.


All he’ll tell me so far is that “it’s a lot of fun”.

Peter’s brevity may be because of one of the week’s new games that was so popular on launch it had Microsoft scampering down to their local big box retailer for some more servers. That game is Trials Evolution, the online leaderboard-toting, LittleBigPlanet of crazy stunt bike-riding that 360 owners have clearly been eagerly awaiting.

Says Peter, “it’s one of those games that I’ll play obsessively for a while because I know I can shave a second off my times, so it’s a case of quickly restarting at the first sign of a mistake”. Its predecessor Trials HD was popular amongst the crowd here and much like the leaderboard battling we saw recently with MotorStorm RC Peter’s expecting similar friendly and not so friendly rivalry. “There are a few people on my friends list who are around the same sort of ability as me too, so I’m going to get caught in a brief leaderboard battle before they outstrip my times for good.”

This week Aran’s managed to add Bioshock 2 to his list of completed games. “[It’s a ] fantastic game and definitely one that makes you think. I still can’t believe I waited so long to pick it up and I am definitely now looking forward to Infinite”.

After that it was onto 2008’s cell-shaded, free-running Prince of Persia starring everyone’s favourite over-used voice actor Nolan North, that last coming as a bit of a surprise to Aran. “[It was a] bit annoying to be running around the Middle East, with a Middle East protagonist having an American voice but I learned to deal with it”. While he liked the game’s art style the somewhat fiddly controls and camera combined with a story that he just didn’t find interesting took the shine off.

While not-so-patiently awaiting an announcement of DLC he’s also returned to those northern dragon-blighted lands of Skyrim and taken a new character, a high elf mage who gets far too much enjoyment from setting enemies on fire, out for a spin. Rapidly becoming a bounty-hunting bane of bandits throughout the realm he’s busy mis-begetting their misbegotten gold.

[drop2]He brought you the horrified granny thumbnail, now prepare to hate him for something completely unrelated. Tuffcub’s been playing Borderlands 2. “Yes, 2” he adds in case it didn’t sink in the first time. Bastard! And a word of warning for you, if you find yourself asking TC what he’s been playing be very, very sure to specify that the question is about video games. Details of some non-video game ‘playing’ he indulges in are not meant to be shared.

Toby’s been quiet and not playing much of anything of late due to his swiftly approaching exams but this week has found him warming a DS3 in his hands:

I managed to finally find time to unwrap Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception. Although I’ve only played for an hour, it’s already exceeding expectations – my stand out moments include thieving with a 14 year old Drake, uncovering the origins of Nate’s and Sully’s relationship, and meeting Chloe again. But what do you lot care? You’ve probably already finished it, found all of the treasures and are now anticipating the next one.

Not me, my copy’s still sat on the shelf. I’ve spent a few hours each in both Skyrim and Gran Turismo 5 and a similar amount of time watching Battlestar Galactica on Blu-ray and that’s been it lately. I did spend a bit of time playing around with graphs but that’s probably not your idea of playing is it?

Much like Toby, Chris hasn’t been playing much lately but aimed to change that by spending some time the this month’s PlayStation Plus freebie Need For Speed Shift 2. That didn’t last long as he “found it to be uncontrollable, unplayable rubbish made all the worse by the nagging voice-over”. Luckily a starving mammal and a Treasure-laden début title came to the rescue. “I also played brilliantly playable Hungry Giraffe a Mini which is similar to Doodle Jump and kicked back with Gunstar Heroes, still absolutely brilliant even after all this time.”

With the dust settling on his Free-2-Play series Jim finds he still can’t get enough of Wrath of Heroes.

I’ve always wanted to get into MMO-style PvP though found the learning curve and preparation time in World of Warcraft and similar games as a major barrier. WoH tears these down, combining the same skill-based gameplay with a matchmaking system akin to your everyday shooter.

I’ve started pouring money into the game, grabbing myself full ownership of Volrik, a support-class hero that may not be a heavy hitter but can easily ensnare and slow down enemies, whether they be in the centre of a crowd or trying to do a runner.

Aside from that he’s spent some time on his PS Vita with Unit 13 which he’s finding a worthwhile game despite some unrefined gunplay, that’s enhanced by its social/multiplayer features. He’s also played through Silent Hill: Downpour for our forthcoming review and been utterly unimpressed by the character-less, chore-like Armoured Core V. You can also expect a review for the “fantastic” new Uncharted 3 multiplayer maps.

Blair’s found an aspect of gaming that isn’t fun; having to write one for some coursework. You may have caught the start of his trawl through his unplayed Steam-sold games catalogue that include Windosill, BIT.TRIP Runner and Zen Bound 2. There’s also his Playback article detailing his recent encounter with Crysis 2 which he was pleasantly surprised to find he “liked very much”.

Over to you.



  1. Finally got my platinum on plants vs zombies,twas a pain towards the end.Picked up unit 13 which i enjoy yet at times find incredibly frustrating!Also it was my birthday,and my lovely girlfriend got me mass effect 3, which i have barely had time to play,I’ll give it a good go at the weekend :)

    • Happy belated Birthday mate!

      You were right about the Bounties, for the last half an hour that I played last night (restarting a checkpoint on Chapter 8) I got zero Bounties :O

      • haha cheers youles,yep major pain!
        I’ll have a go at sending some across again.

      • Thanks mate, that would be very much appreciated!!

  2. Nearly finished Mass Effect 3. I’ve finally got to Earth and am wading through hundreds of Mutants. I want to get to the ending to see what all the fuss is about and have purposefully stayed away from googling ‘mass effect 3 ending’.
    I just ordered Assassins Creed Revelations for £20 off Amazon so will be stabbing my way through Constantinople after I’ve finished with the Reapers.
    I’ve not really had much Vita time, but have had a couple of missions on Unit 13 – which I’m enjoying but finding difficult after getting so used to tilt aiming on Golden Abyss.

  3. MW3 DLC – got all the new trophies. Really enjoyed the Spec Ops missions (co-op), they are great fun and the best part of MW3 in my opinion!

    Then just Uncharted: Golden Abyss. Finished my Crushing playthrough last night and all the weapon trophies. Now just need to complete the 4 remaining Bounty sets.

    Playing WipEout 2048 tonight though, TSA Meet at 9pm! :)

    • Hardly touched my ps3 as am getting ready to go america tomorrow.

      Been playing a bit of monster hunter on the vita, my son loves that drawing app on the vita but I told him the vita is not for kids thats why you have a DS :)

      Played some black ops, its ok I guess I got pressured into getting it lol & Some ghost recoon beta sweet game

    • honestly I dont know why I replied to you, I could have sworn I clicked on new comment lol, my mistake

      • It’s ok, at a glance it makes me look popular ;)

  4. Not much again for me this week Playing through Splinter Cell HD £3.99 Is a bargain!.

    Had a few blasts last night on the Ghost Recon Beta which i loved,i was playing with strangers and it actually felt like we were a team defending certain objectives.

  5. Nice mix for me this week:

    – Played a bit more of Rhythm Thief only to decide I really don’t like it so I traded it in and got Kid Icarus Uprising instead.

    – Really enjoying Kid Icarus at the moment but the controls are very painful on my hands after a while. Great presentation values though and stacks of content :)

    – Made a start on Xenoblade Chronicles after reading all the recent american reviews. Such a good RPG, no idea why I didn’t start it sooner (its been on my shelf still in its wrapper for about 2 months!)

    – Also caved under pressure and picked up a copy of Witcher2. Beautiful visuals, great voice acting, enjoyable storyline, lots to do, solid combat. Yeah, I’m in love with that game!

    – Finally I started the GR beta last night. After 6 hours I decided it was sleep time but can’t wait to play some more this evening. Thoroughly enjoyable squad-based shooter and a tonne of fun with a well co-ordinated team.

  6. Burst out laughing at that excerpt. Splendid, sir!

    • Just spotted that, laughing my head off.

  7. Outside of the SSX and Dirt meets I’ve not played much on the PS3 this week. Picked up House of the Dead 4 but have yet to have a proper go. Just got Tiger Woods 13 yesterday so I’ve only played a few rounds plus the first few sections of Tiger Legacy mode.
    On Vita, I platinumed Ridge Racer at the start of the week and went back to trying to finish off Everybody’s Golf, although the last 8 crown challenges are bloody difficult. I also picked up StarDrone Extreme, which is just as much fun as the PS3 version. I’ve also been playing little bits of Wipeout and Touch my Katamari.

  8. Since finishing ME3 last week, it’s been nothing but Vita. Finished Golden Abyss and started playing Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness in prepatation of Disgaea 3 and decided I’d finish the first one first on got Unit 13 instead.

  9. i didnt play Minecraft!! can you believe it?? i played CS:S instead, having just gotten into the beta for CS:GO, to make sure i still remember how to shoot people in the head (i do, im just not very good anymore :D )
    apart from that im about to play some games on my phone while CSGO downloads, nothing major, stuff like Osmos and a few emulators.

  10. Dark Souls, F1 2011 and a tiny bit of Medal Of Honor. Also I have just traded in Rayman Origins (vita) + bioshock 2 + Far Cry 2 for Wipeout 2048. Looking forward to playing it.

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