New Super Mario Bros 2, Pokemon And – Yay – Folders Coming To 3DS

Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata has, via this morning’s Nintendo Direct mini-conference, announced a fair few nuggets of Nintendo information ahead of E3, which is where the company are largely expected to focus on the Wii U.


First up is a firmware update that adds folders to the 3Ds’ home screen.  Rather than having hundreds of icons all scattered around, you’ll be able to drop, for example, games into a folder called ‘games’.  Each folder can hold 60 apps, and can be renamed.

The update will also allow game patching.  The first games to get patches (which must be downloaded via the e-Shop) are Mario Kart 7, New Love Plus and Kingdom Hearts 3D.

In terms of games, look out for New Super Mario Bros. 2 this Summer, and Animal Crossing 3DS in the Winter.  And whilst the new Pokemon Black and White 2 games are natively for DS and not 3DS, 3DS owners will get two specific applications.

The first is Pokemon AR Searcher, an AR shooting game in which the Pokemon you catch can be used within the main game.  The second is Pokemon Zenkoku Zukan Pro, an update to the free Pokemon management tool already on the 3DS.  This will cost ¥1,500, whilst the AR game is ¥300.

Nintendo also opened the Mario Tennis Open site, which shows off a 2D Mario Bros mode. It’s expected that Satoru Shibata will host a similar event at midday today aimed at the Western market.

Sources: andriasang.



  1. Can’t stop the Mario tune from playing in my head now ha….

  2. Ehh… :/

  3. Now finally they may sort out that track in MK, better late than never….

  4. Cool, the home screen is pretty good so folders is a welcome addition.

  5. Great stuff. Been waiting for a way to file all the non day-to-day crap away off the dashboard :)

  6. Pokemon management tool… oops.. i’m way out of my depth here.. :)
    … folders though, now that’s handy… if only the Vita had folders..

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