All 3 Uncharted Games Made Into Movies

Doing anything today? Why not, before Sony pull them down, witness one guy’s labour of love.

“With these projects I was trying to make movies that would be viewable whether or not you had played the game, or even care about playing video games, so I wanted to make them as close to a real movie as possible.”


Ambitious, right?


Uncharted 2:

Uncharted 3:




  1. Wow, is this similar to the “film” of Snake Eater that was included on the second disc of subsistence?

  2. All 3 /PS3/ Uncharted games, I meant. Sorry Bend.

  3. i’m at work so saving this for when I get in..
    excellent work my man!

  4. Sheesh, they’re long too, aren’t they? I remember watching the Snake Eater one, that was over three hours [but that doesn’t surprise me, it’s MGS].

  5. Just watched the first half hour of the first one, it’s very good but I hvent got the time at the moment. It did make me think though that developers might want to take notes from this, I think it could be a good way to get non-gamers into franchises.

    Imagine if every bog game like this came out with the regular story mode, and then for people who don’t play games just a film like this, with all the cutscenes and some stock footage of a developer playthrough for the bits in between. There’s a lot of games out there with great stories I think non-gamers would enjoy, obviously the Uncharted series, but also GTA IV I think could have worked, Bioshock, Mass Effect etc.

    What does everyone else think?

  6. Unfortunately that content is not supported on my desire hd :-(

    Would like to watch these too, hopefully they’re still live this evening

  7. Sony needs to release these as bluray’s i’d buy em.

    • They have released them as blu-rays. Interactive ones :-P

  8. Wow excellent job. Well done to the guy who created these.

  9. Wow, so so good

  10. I aways thought this how naughty dog should have made the cut scenes so i would’nt have fill in the gaps for my girlfriend.

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