All 3 Uncharted Games Made Into Movies

Doing anything today? Why not, before Sony pull them down, witness one guy’s labour of love.

“With these projects I was trying to make movies that would be viewable whether or not you had played the game, or even care about playing video games, so I wanted to make them as close to a real movie as possible.”


Ambitious, right?


Uncharted 2:

Uncharted 3:




  1. Great idea and very well constructed

  2. These are awesome. Just got 30mins or so into the first one. Don’t have the time to watch them all but want to :P

  3. I don’t have time to watch them now and it would be a shame if they were removed … so i’m downloading them from ps3youtube so i can watch them on my tv ! :) A shame they’re only 480p but that was probably a limit on the recording device used. Excellent work all the same and i look forward to watching them in full.

  4. Just finished watching the first one. Great stuff, and I’ll be watching the other two that’s for sure.

  5. Watching first one now. Tempted to play all three again & collect some trophies as a bonus along the way, LOVE UC.
    Right bk to the movie, nice find Nofi.

    • I just dloaded all 3 from here,

      As they’re only 480p & u cant shrink screen size once dloaded, they dont look as good as above on a large screen, should look fine on a laptop. Will keep them stored for sure.

      • Must look Okay-ish on a Vita

      • How do you download them?

      • dloading via ps3…
        once at, simply place cursor over the resolution description, press triangle & select save target. (to dload videos available in 720p+, requires you to follow instructions top of the screen.)

  6. No HD, no subs… Gonna be a pain to watch.

  7. Interactive blu rays eh…..hmmmmm.

  8. Watched Drakes Fortune while the mrs played ME3. Enjoyed! Nice to relive the experience!

  9. Very cool and I love the games, but a shame that they’re just 480p. I do remember seeing another version someone else did in 720p, but it was just the cut scenes and didn’t have too much if any of the gameplay to link up the gaps.

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