SuperBot Gearing Up For Their PS3 Exclusive Reveal

It has been called a few things – Title Fight, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale – but Sony’s big PS3 exclusive still remains officially unannounced.

That’s expected to change very soon, with SuperBot Entertainment – the new development studio owned by Sony largely assumed to be working on the fighting game – firing out their first tweet.


“Boot sequence initiated,” it said.

There’s a “huge” PS3 game being announced this week on GTTV over in the States: chances are it’s going to be this. A side-on Smash Bros style brawler featuring all the Sony characters you can thing of? I’d go for that.

With this and God Of War running pre-E3, one has to wonder what Sony have got left to surprise us with. More on that soon…



    How wondrously exciting.

  2. it says a lot they must have a lot to surprise us with.

  3. If it drops I hope it’s siiiiick.

  4. I’m quite excited for this announcement. I’m also looking forward to E3 a heck of a lot. I see good things in the future.

  5. If this game turns out to be good I will buy it senseless – it won’t know who bought it by the time I’m done buying it.

  6. The Super Smash Bros games are amazing, if this even comes close to replicating the fun of that, I’m all in.

  7. At least it isn’t being hyped up too much

  8. If this is the All-stars thingy whats left for E3?

    • Surely it isn’t all, there’ll be surprise’s on show but hopefully not a FPS and sequel special at E3, it was awful and depressing last year from Sony and Microsoft.

  9. Oh yeah, E3. Forgot about that…

  10. I hope it as third party characters, if not I’m out.. even leaving Ape Escape or Medievil out would be disastrous.

    So I hope they get everything from Playstation history, its stupid not too.

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