SuperBot Gearing Up For Their PS3 Exclusive Reveal

It has been called a few things – Title Fight, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale – but Sony’s big PS3 exclusive still remains officially unannounced.

That’s expected to change very soon, with SuperBot Entertainment – the new development studio owned by Sony largely assumed to be working on the fighting game – firing out their first tweet.


“Boot sequence initiated,” it said.

There’s a “huge” PS3 game being announced this week on GTTV over in the States: chances are it’s going to be this. A side-on Smash Bros style brawler featuring all the Sony characters you can thing of? I’d go for that.

With this and God Of War running pre-E3, one has to wonder what Sony have got left to surprise us with. More on that soon…



  1. Well, seeing how they mapped out the TBA details of their coming soon game on their page I’d say that it WILL have Online Multiplayer-as well as couch multi-and WILL support 3D.

  2. Really hoping this “big exclusive” isn’t this All-Stars Battle Royal game.

  3. Hope it’s move support & vita cross play

  4. Maybe now we’ll all get the chance to slap the crap out of Rico like we’ve all secretly wished we could over the last few years.

  5. Simply calling it just “Battle Royale” would be nice. I hope it has the verticality Super Smash Bros has in it’s stages. It’s going to be somewhat of a rip-off, so let’s hope it’s a good one.

  6. Colour me yawned.

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