Valve’s “New Employees” Handbook Leaked

Out of nowhere, Valve’s presumably closely guarded ‘new employee’ handbook has been published onto the internet. As these things do.


You’ve probably seen this over the last day or so, but it’s absolutely worth reading through, so grab the PDF, shove it on your iPad (other, but less Retina devices are available) and go give it an hour or so. And then wish you worked there.

You can download it from here, a link that’s presumably costing the forum in question a fair chunk of money in bandwidth – the stats page says there’s been 4.44 TB in downloads…




  1. Page 22, has an image of a guy wearing a HL3 tshirt. HL3 CONFIRMED, E3 HERE WE GO!

  2. Read it yesterday, it’s amazing. Absolutely brilliant. Would give my left arm to work there.

    Oh, and it’s probably “leaked” in the loosest sense of the word. Valve even linked to it on its Facebook page. Still, good way to get good publicity.

    • Yeah, I have a feeling it’s been manufactured as a marketing stunt.

      • Yeah I have to agree with this.
        It all seems a little too good to be true.
        A good way to build hype fore a Valve console or a HL3 announcement though…

  3. Quite a management style, hard to argue with their success but it’s certainly not for every situation… unfortunately.

  4. Is it too late to change career path?

  5. After only skimming the manual, it’s it’s genuine the delay in HL3 shipping suddenly becomes clear

  6. 99% sure this is fake.

    It’s a real Valve doc, but it’s not a real employee manual. The type is far too big, there’s no way those folders in the pic only have 40 pages and the pencil marks seem really dodgy.

  7. Explains why it takes them so long to make anything :)

  8. reminds me abit about this:

    But although the Disney Handbook looks funny, it is mostly about what gets you fired.

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