Showreel Features The Getaway 3

A CV posted by an ex-Sony Cambridge employee reveals that Heavenly Sword was to get a sequel but it was cancelled.

Also listed are two PlayStation 3 concepts that were also given the chop alongisde The Getaway 3, which judging by the short animation clip seems to be set in Amsterdam.

One of the cancelled games looks rather like Starhawk which could explain why it was binned.

Source: Eurogamer / Abandoned Sheep


  1. I really wish they didnt cancel the getaway 3

    • Same. Was a superb game, with the London criminals, setting etc and I liked the lack of HUD too. I probably prefered it to GTA.

    • Yeah I agree, loved that game.

      • Maybe they canned it because getting away on a bike or a houeboat just wasn’t as much fun as getting away in a car. It does look like Amsterdam after all.

    • Its still officially in development..

      • ‘Its still officially in development..’

        I was just about to say that im sure i read an article on this website last year stating it was still in development! Hope it does come out though Loved the previous games

    • I bet London studio are glad they’re on the casual projects like Eyepet instead of this, eh? EH?!

  2. Always interesting to see canned games. The Getaway was officially revealed with that Amesterdam trailer

    • (There was an original concept trailer in London, which was then followed by a shift to Amsterdam)

      • ‘Shift’ eh? So they were ripping ideas off of Driver? :P

  3. Damn – the headline made me think this was a leak for Getaway 3 .. :(

  4. I would love ‘The Getaway 3’ :P And if they could make London a bit bigger then i could drive past my house LoL:D

  5. They should really make a Heavenly Sword sequel. The first was one of the stand out launch titles for the PS3.

  6. Guy knows his stuff, though – nice CV, that!

  7. One of my uni lectures worked on Getaway 3 heres a link to some other footage from the cancelled game….which we constantly bugged him to ask whether it was still getting made. Direct link to file Link to site

    • That video was awesome loved the end!

  8. i still can’t help but wonder how the Getaway would have turned out.

    those Sackboy animations were great.

  9. I would have preferred heavenly sword 2, number one was a hidden gem.

    Gateway was rubbish

  10. Here’s hoping that Getaway 3 will be released on PS4?! :)

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