Super Collapse 3 Removed From US PS Store

It seems that Super Collapse 3 is the latest Vita homebrew game loader, and as such has been removed from the US PS Store. It was mentioned on, and I’ve just had a look and it has definitely been removed.

It’s still showing up on the UK PS Store though, and is apparently as “addictive as crack”. I’ve not tried crack or Super Collapse 3, so cannot comment on that.



  1. How long do you think til we get a vita update that removes psp backward on vita

  2. Excuse my ignorance but what is a “homebrew game loader”? What does it allow you to play/do on your Vita?

    • It allows people to run stuff like super nintendo emulators and other non-approved software. The big problem is that it leads the way for pirated games which was a major problem for the PSP.

      • Thanks mate – so the games is used purely to load the homebrew game/software. I thought as much (by the name) but wanted to be sure. I suspect this will be an ongoing battle!

      • yeah, the games can have a security hole of sorts in them which is used to bypass the system security and allow the installation of custom firmware. Most often it has to do with save files, but I’m not an expert on the field as I’ve never done it myself.

  3. Dan, i think you don’t need to try crack due to you being insane and thus it would have no effect on you. ;)

    Have a feeling this is the start of a cat and mouse race between Sony and the Homebrewers. *grabs popcorn and watches*

  4. So what happens if you try crack & Super Collapse 3??? :O

    I am guessing you just never see the light of day again.

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