The Avengers Coming To Consoles? Maybe

An article on Forbes has announced that Disney/Marvel have released a ‘free to play’ Avengers developed by Playdom and it will be followed by ‘something bigger for the console market.’

TQ Jefferson, vice president of games production for Marvel has said:

“We launched Marvel: Avengers Alliance on Facebook; which is just the tip of the iceberg. This is the first in a much larger effort to support the Avengers franchise across not just one but multiple video game touch points.

The Avengers are bigger than just one game, and we’re planning to allow consumers to enjoy The Avengers regardless of their preference in gameplay style or platform. Look for more announcements in the weeks to come.”

Let’s stop a take a moment because this all sounds rather fishy to me.

Firstly, Disney decided to pretty much pull out of home consoles after the poor performance of Tron and Split/Second, closing a number of their studios. After being burnt on PS3 and Xbox 360, Disney bought Playdom – a company with a track record for creating casual games for Facebook and MySpace. Playdom have never created a game for consoles, so it seems unlikely that they’ll be the ones building the game (even if the Forbes piece hints at it).

The only in-house console developers Disney has left is Avalanche studios, who were behind the video game of Cars 2. Disney did release Disney Universe last year, but that was developed externally by Eurocom. They do have some experience with super hero licenses, having created the game for Batman Begins (but it was terrible).

Although the statement from Mr. Jefferson makes it clear something is in the works, it’s far from obvious that we’ll be seeing a console title just yet. Maybe there’s one being work on somewhere, but right now there’s not that specifically indicates a console title beyond his “regardless of their preference in gameplay style or platform” comment.

Source: Forbes



  1. They might have to combine the assets of the previous Sega games and some have been quite painful. I mean they could have a online co-op style game, it could fit in well for Avengers.

    Still where the hell is my Iron Man game? feck the movies if I can actually play Iron Man in the same vein of Hulk: UE and the old Spiderman games then I’ll be immensely pleased. I’d like to try Avengers but only if its quality than to be rushed its a waste and pisses on fans which is typical of the games industry.

  2. Surprised you didn’t mention THQ’s cancelled Avengers project.

    Maybe they can resurrect that? I thought it looks pretty good!

    Also, this sentence makes my head hurt.

    “Maybe there’s one being work on somewhere, but right now there’s not that specifically indicates a console title beyond his “regardless of their preference in gameplay style or platform” comment.”


    • Well that’s OK as I didn’t write that bit :)

      • Oooh! Interesting! Secret editor!

      • What did you do to annoy Kris this time? ;)

  3. Could be awesome but Sega will get it and fuck it right up.

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