Daily Mail Shows Their Lack of Insight Again

I love the Daily Mail. It’s my favourite comedy publication. It’s much more explicit in its parodies than something like Private Eye, for example.

Oh no, wait, they’re being serious. They’re just really, really stupid.

Here, look at this video of YouTube user FPSRussia (NSFW – swearing). He’s showing off an obviously modelled and CGI quadrocopter like the one in recent Call of Duty (probably Black Ops 2) teases.

It’s quite obviously a bit of fun, playing on the rumours that the next Call of Duty might be set in the near future. The presenter makes a big deal of it being the sort of tech that soldiers will be using in ten or fifteen years, at the end he says his friends are telling him this might just be in the next Call of Duty game and the end of the video features a credit thanking his “friends the makers of Call of Duty for sponsoring this video”.

Towards the end of the video, he thanks his friend “Yuri” for letting him “borrow his ride” before blowing up this one-of-a-kind military marvel. It couldn’t be a more obvious joke/piece of viral marketing if it tried.

But the Daily Mail missed it. Or they willfully ignored the facts to try and get some outrage and plenty of lovely juicy web traffic from people wanting to see their stupidity in action. Let’s not visit the source link below and give them that satisfaction.

Source: Daily Mail


  1. Yay, for the Mail’s dilligent approach to journalism, which seems to consist of: fire up youtube, facebook and twitter, skim some stuff and then write whatever the hell you please.

  2. We all love the Daily Mail!
    Could do with one of those to keep the neighbours cat out of my garden.

  3. I love a good laugh in the afternoon!

  4. It’s pathetic but not unexpected now sadly.

  5. I used to know a guy who wrote for the Daily Mail. He was a nice guy so it made me sad to smash his stupid face into the kerb.

  6. Epic fail by the Mail, but what an awesome video! Surely TSA members would all donate to buy an old car and blow it up?

  7. Behind people born outside the UK and anyone unfortunate to find themselves claiming benefits, gamers are the Daily Mails 3rd favourite target. We need to work harder to move up this list.

  8. FPSRussia is a racist American hick. When I corrected on him why there was 9/11 and why Iraq war is different, he blocked me!

    • Ah.. The Daily Mail, the newspaper that never fails to make one laugh.

    • Kyle is a legend.

  9. My name a borak!!

  10. I’m sure I saw a show with these things but with cameras, going to be made light enought for foot soldiers to carry them as part of their kit, whip it out in the heat of battle and get a birds eyer view of the hot zone.

    Should I sell the story to the Mail under the premis of peping tom peado’s will be able to get their hands on silent, mobil flying cameras to film over your six foot garden fence at your kids swimming in paddling pools in your back garden! I’m sure they will but it as credible!

    • Quadrocopters with cameras are already available off the shelf (google Parrot A.R. drone)
      Please don’t tell them, we don’t want to give the poor things an apoplexy :)

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