London Olympic 2012 Trailer

It’s been a fair few years since I looked at a multi event sports game. In fact, the last one I played was on my Amiga, so I have been pleasantly surprised by London 2012 – The Official Video Game of the Olympic Games.

Offering over 45 events, some of which will be playable using Move and Kinect, reactive commentary and “TV style presentation”, the game looks much better than your average licensed game.

Source: YouTube



  1. I’m a huge sucker for these games. Beijing ’08 and Vancouver ’10 were brilliant in my opinion. Just good all round fun with a pal. Plus I have two sixaxis controllers that are older so have no problems with button mashing them to the max.

  2. I got a serious sporting injury playing one of these games once – horrendous thumb blisters from the button rubbing method.

    • oooohhhh right ok…playing one of these games I seeee…are you now a master of the rubbing method? ;-)

      • Plastic film canisters, it’s the way forward.

  3. Is it just me or does the animation look pretty stiff and the graphics look a bit blocky, almost PS2-esque. Just an observation, I will enjoy playing this in October when I find it available on eBay for £5 ;-)

    • To be fair, the youtube preview picture isn’t exactly great for showing off the game.

  4. The heat is on, the time is right,
    It’s time for you, for you to play the game,
    Cos people are coming, everyone’s trying,
    Trying to be the best that they can…
    When they’re going for, going for GOLD!


  5. Think I’ll stick to Track & Field and its sequel Hyper Sports

    they were the days

  6. Wished it was Sonic…

  7. graphics wise this is naff, but I will probably end up getting it because these are normally fun with friends.

  8. does anyone know the release date for this?

  9. Im excited. Thank god for 45 events – I’m sick of having to live with the Winter Stars pushing at 15 only :\ I think this may be a day 1 depending on finances!

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